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Are Dental Implants Painful ?

are dental implants painful ?

Many patients come to us with the question, are dental implants painful ? how painful are dental implants ? and many more . The words “dental surgery” cause anxiety for many people, but procedures like teeth implants are far less painful than people imagine.

Many patients who’ve undergone root canal surgery are surprised at how relatively painless the procedure is compared to the stigma attached to them. The same can be said for dental surgery. Even if the procedure does involve slight discomfort for a short amount of time, this pales in comparison to the many benefits dental implants provide patients who want to improve their smiles. The use of general anesthesia is also an option.

The following article explains what to expect during implant surgery. If after reading, you still have questions about dental implants, schedule a free consultation online today with the dental professionals at EON Clinics, or give us a call at 800-250-3500.

Who Gets Dental Surgery ?

If you have one or more missing teeth due to gum disease or as a result of a traumatic accident, your dentist may recommend dental implants. Depending on your situation, this could be a single- or multiple-tooth implant to improve the appearance and functioning of your mouth.

Filling the gaps in our smiles where teeth once were makes us more confident, improves speech, and allows us better chewing capabilities. It provides support to surrounding teeth and helps prevent further gum loss and bone deterioration.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful ?

Fear not! Our doctors are skilled in placing implants successfully and quickly with minimal pain. The All-on-4 is a non-invasive procedure and can sometimes be easier than a root canal. Our care team will be available to provide anything you may need to feel comfortable during your procedure.

During surgery, a dental implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone and your temporary teeth are placed for a natural appearance. You’ll leave your appointment with an immediate smile transformation! Once these metal rods have fused to the bone during the healing process (which varies by patient), a connector is placed on top which is attached to a crown. This follow-up appointment takes less than an hour, is painless, and requires no additional surgery. You’ll leave with a beautiful, permanent smile that’s unique to you!

How Long Does Dental Implant Surgery Take ?

A single tooth implant can be placed in less than a half-hour while multiple implants can be placed in less than one hour. A full jaw may take between two and three hours to perform. It is very rare that significant blood loss occurs during this procedure. Our patients are often surprised at how painless the procedure is.

Can I Be Put to Sleep for Implants ?

Patients may stay awake during the placement of dental implants, but some opt to be put under with general anesthesia. Patients can rest easy knowing that their vital signs are monitored continuously throughout the procedure.

For patients who choose general anesthesia, both oral and IV sedation are options. The drugs used for sedation have anti-anxiety properties that were designed to relax the patient during the procedure. Post-surgery pain is treated with over-the-counter painkillers, like ibuprofen, which also controls inflammation. All options for sedation are discussed with the patient prior to surgery.

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If you’ve considered having dental implants but were unsure about the pain you might experience, we hope we’ve addressed your concerns. If you’re ready to move forward and improve your oral health, contact EON Clinics today. We employ highly-trained teams of oral surgeons to perform dental implant procedures with high success rates at clinics throughout Chicagoland and in southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana. Schedule a free consultation online today or call us at 800-250-3500.

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