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What Does Same Day Dental Implants Really Mean?

Dental Implants - Commonly asked questions
By Dione Park, Patient Educator

You’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase same day dental implantson TV or radio and wondered: Is that even possible? When I first started working at EON Clinics as a patient educator, I was shocked by the concept and admittedly, a bit skeptical about the process. It seemed like dental wizardry, nearly impossible, to get teeth in one day dental implants.

But after speaking with our prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and touring our in-house lab, I realized that EON Clinics was running a different kind of operation—as an all-in-one center, we have the ability to deliver an amazing new set of teeth for our patients in less time and fewer appointments.

Feat of dental wizardry? Perhaps!

So what does same day dental implants really mean? Here’s the gist:

With one day dental implants, you will leave the day of surgery with new teeth and a smile transformation. However, there’s one small caveat: You will receive a temporary set of teeth to wear as the implant site heals. Proper healing is critical to the success of your dental implants. Once the implants have fully fused to your jaw bone, we’ll attach your permanent teeth. From this point on, you’ll fully experience the benefits of dental implants.

Robert’s Experience with Same Day Dental Implants

“Do it. Do it now, do it quickly, and enjoy the rest of your life.”
Robert Bentley, EON Clinics Waukesha Patient

Let’s dive deeper into this topic, view a sample timeline, and answer some commonly-asked questions from our patients.

Same Day Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Getting one day dental implants from an all-in-one center is a different experience and process than getting traditional dental implants from your local dentist. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two processes:

Traditional Dental Implants Process

General dentists are usually not equipped with in-house labs, CT scanners, and prosthodontists who design dental restorations and specialize in implant dentistry. Your dentist would send orders to outside laboratories and refer you to an outside prosthodontist or oral surgeon, requiring you to travel to various offices. Due to the increased frequency of appointments and reliance on outside providers, the time frame for getting same day implants vs the traditional way takes significantly longer.

Same Day Dental Implants Procedure

EON Clinics, on the other hand, is an all-in-one dental implant center. This means your prosthodontist, oral surgeon, lab technician, and CT scan machine are all conveniently located in one place. Your prosthodontist will design your new teeth and work closely with our lab technicians.

On the day of your procedure, our oral surgeon and prosthodontist will perform the surgical aspect of your case and safely place the implants in your jaw. This level of collaboration and teamwork is what sets us apart from other providers and makes the teeth in one day dental implants process seamless and easy for our patients.

What Does Same Day Dental Implants Really Mean?

Same Day Dental Implants FAQ

  1. How long does dental implant surgery take?
  2. Will I leave the day of surgery with my permanent teeth?
  3. Will I actually get a new smile in one day?
  4. What is the dental implant procedure timeline?
  5. Are same day dental implants safe?
  6. How much are same day dental implants?
  7. Where can I get same day dental implants near me?

How Long Does One Day Dental Implants Surgery Take?

Typically, a single tooth implant can be placed in less than 30 minutes and multiple tooth implants can take up to an hour. A full jaw, also known as an All-on-4, could take 2-3 hours.

Will I Leave the Day of Surgery with My Permanent Teeth?

Now here’s where the same day dental implants process gets a little fuzzy: No, but you will leave the day of surgery with temporary teeth and you’ll leave the same day with a full smile. Your jaw needs adequate time to heal before it can handle the load of the crown and we want to ensure your safety and same day implants success.

For an All-on-4 procedure, we’ll actually craft your new temporary teeth onsite. You’ll leave the clinic with a full set of teeth designed specifically for your mouth. You’ll need to stick with our dental implant food guidelines while you wear your temporary teeth, but this prosthesis creates a natural looking smile instantly. Once your jaw has healed completely, you’ll receive your permanent prosthesis and get back to eating apples, peanuts, steak … anything under the sun!

Will I Actually Get a New Smile in One Day?

Yes. One of the major benefits of choosing EON Clinics is that we have access to top implant specialists and an in-house lab, all in one location. We’ll be able to fabricate a new set of temporary teeth on the day of your procedure if you’re getting a full jaw of implants, also known as an All-on-4.

If you’ve had single or multiple teeth implants, we may provide you with a temporary flipper tooth or Essix retainer for aesthetic purposes. You will not leave the clinic with missing gaps in your smile line! No worries; we’ll take care of you.

What is the One Day Dental Implants Procedure Timeline?

Procedure Timeline for Single and Multiple Implants

From start to finish, the entire procedure for a single implant or multiple implants takes about 6 months. Most of this time is spent allowing the implant to fuse to the jaw bone, and we’ll provide flippers or the retainer to temporarily fill the gap if it is visible in the smile line. If your case requires bone grafting and/or extraction, this may add 4-6 months to the timeline. 

Procedure Timeline for All-on-4 Full Jaw

From start to finish, the entire dental implant process for an Ao4 full jaw takes about 8 months. Most of that time is spent allowing the implants to fuse to the jaw bone while wearing your temporary teeth. Like any surgery, your healing period may be shorter or longer based on individual healing factors.

Are Same Day Dental Implants Safe?

one day dental implants are a safe tooth replacement option when performed by skilled doctors with the proper credentials and experience. According to Mayo Clinic, “Problems are rare, though, and when they do occur they’re usually minor and easily treated.”

EON Clinics’ implant dentistry team has placed over 18,000 implants with success rates greater than 97%. To learn more about our doctors and view their credentials, visit our implant dentist bios.

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How Much Teeth in a Day Cost?

The same day dental implants cost depends on the number of teeth that need replacement and the type of procedure selected. A single tooth can cost anywhere from $4,000-$5,000. A04 dental implants to replace a full jaw of teeth cost around $22,000-$25,000. EON Clinics offers payment plans to break down the total cost into affordable monthly payments.

Visit our cost page to learn the average cost of dental implants and see teeth in a day cost breakdown with payment plans.

Where Can I Get Same Day Dental Implants Near Me?

EON Clinics provides teeth in one day dental implants services at five locations throughout Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana. We also offer free consultations; this is a great opportunity to meet with a prosthodontist for a complimentary 3-D CT scan and discuss the best implant options for you. We’ll provide your exact cost and payment plan options, and answer any questions you may have about the process.ave about the process.

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We hope this article provided helpful insight into the process and cleared up common misconceptions around same day dental implants. If you still have questions or would like to get started on your dental journey, call us at 800-250-3500 or book your free consultation online today.

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