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What Can I Eat after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Everybody gets a tad cautious when they hear the doc say that it’s time to go for a wisdom tooth extraction. Despite what you might hear, it’s a straightforward and painless procedure at a dental clinic near you. It would take a few days to heal completely and everything will go back to normal. The […]

Early Orthodontic Treatments for Kids

Orthodontic treatments are a necessity in today’s life in order to avoid serious oral healthcare problems in near future. There is a myth that kids don’t need early orthodontic treatment which needs to be debunked. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the first orthodontic examination for children needs to be done before the age […]

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Your oral health plays a big factor in your confidence, so you want to be able to smile without hesitation or embarrassment. If you have a cracked, damaged or missing tooth, you might find that you are going through life’s happy moments hiding behind your hands. As some of the best implant dentist in Chicago, […]

The Fascinating History of Dental Implants

Do you know about the Fascinating History of Dental Implants ? If not, we are here to tell you the tale. Were people living thousands of years ago concerned with their smiles? Maybe not. There were no photographers encouraging people to say “cheese” as they snapped their photos at weddings and family reunions. A full […]

Are Dental Implants Painful ?

Many patients come to us with the question, are dental implants painful ? how painful are dental implants ? and many more . The words “dental surgery” cause anxiety for many people, but procedures like teeth implants are far less painful than people imagine. Many patients who’ve undergone root canal surgery are surprised at how […]

How Long is Dental Implant Recovery Process?

You must wonder how long is dental implant recovery? We are here to answer all your queries: Dental Implant Recovery Process FAQs People often wonder what the timeline looks like for the tooth implant recovery process. There are many variables since this is a customs procedure and the state and shape of your mouth are […]

What is Dental Bone Resorption?

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step in the journey to repair your smile! Before you are able to get dental implants with bone loss, the prosthodontist has to check your gum and bones to ensure your implants will be successful. Though it may sound a little intimidating, finding if there is any bone resorption (also […]