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Dental Crowns Cost and Risks

Dental Crowns: Costs and Risks When delving into the realm of dental restoration options, it’s imperative to carefully consider the financial outlay and associated health risks of opting for dental crowns as opposed to implants or other alternatives. This decision necessitates a nuanced understanding of the immediate and extended implications tied to the use of […]

Does Cosmetic Dental Care Come Under Insurance?

Who doesn’t love to flaunt a bright smile? It goes a long way in breaking the ice between strangers, friends, or office colleagues. Unfortunately, some individuals’ smiles lose sheen due to loss or damage of the teeth. This could occur due to factors like gum disease, lifestyle, dietary choices, or poor oral hygiene routine. This […]

Lending Club Financing | Helpful Facts About Lending Club

So you’ve gone to your consultation and you’re considering financing options to assist you in getting your dental implant treatment. After reviewing CareCredit, you may decide it’s not the best financing option for you. Here are ten helpful facts about Lending Club financing. Although Lending Club provides personal loans, the company also finances medical procedures. […]

Care Credit Dental Implants Financing

So you’ve gone to your consultation and you’re considering financing options to assist you with the cost of dental implants. EON Clinics partners with three second party financing companies to assist patients with the payments of their dental implant treatment. Here are nine helpful facts about one of our lenders, CareCredit! CareCredit is a healthcare […]

Factors Affecting Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant cost is one of the most-asked questions to dental specialists. Everyone knows that this surgery offers a permanent replacement for their missing teeth. So before patients arrive at the dental clinic, it’s natural to ask about the dental implant costs. It’s critical to get an understanding of dental implants and the full scope […]

Paying for Dental Implants with Proceed Finance

Are you looking for a solution on help paying for dental implants, can i get help paying for dental implants, how to get help paying for dental implants, etc. Then end your search here. EON Clinics has partnered with Proceed Finance to offer another great choice for patients. Here are 10 Helpful Facts About Proceed Finance […]

Dental Implants and Insurance

Will My Insurance Cover Dental Implants? You may have heard or read that your dental insurance provider does not cover tooth implant procedures or implant supported dentures so you haven’t bothered to explore that route. If it has been a year or two since you last checked, it’s time to check again and it may […]