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The Rise of Dental Implants | History Of Modern Dentistry

Model of All-on-4 dental implants Chicago lab

“Discover the evolution and breakthrough of Dental Implants and Modern Dentistry with us. Dentures, a mainstay for tooth loss for over 2,700 years, have transitioned from being made of animal and human teeth to modern materials like acrylic resin and metal. George Washington’s own set famously comprised hippopotamus ivory, human, and other animal teeth, debunking the myth of wooden dentures.

Today, nearly 20% of adults use dentures, either immediate or conventional, to replace full sets of teeth. Traditional dentures have long faced challenges with fit, comfort, and aesthetics due to jawbone recession over time. However, the revolutionary All-on-four dental implant technique has transformed lives, offering a permanent, non-removable alternative. This innovation allows for a set of teeth to be anchored via four implants, providing a natural look and feel without the need for bone grafts in most cases.

The All-on-4 dental implants, pioneered in Portugal in the 1990s and brought to the US in 2007, has seen widespread adoption. Dr. Kerry Voit, a leading expert at Eon Clinics, has spearheaded this change, treating over 1,000 cases. Today, patients enjoy the freedom and confidence of natural-feeling teeth, ending the era of removable dentures. Dive into the history and embrace the future of dentistry with us. Consider a complimentary consultation to explore dental implants and the Ao4 procedure as a transformative solution for your dental needs.”