Weighing Dentures Cost

Dentures infographic: How partials can cause teeth to come loose

Dentures and partials are a popular option for teeth replacement, but they come with some serious drawbacks.

  • Dentures don't feel or function like real teeth.
  • Dentures can affect speech, making it difficult to talk naturally.
  • Partial dentures can cause existing teeth to come loose.

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There are many seen and unseen disadvantages in getting dentures. Patients have reported dentures become uncomfortable when they loosen, many foods become difficult to eat, and can cause a whistling sound when they talk.

The problems with dentures don't stop there! Don’t let the price fool you; dentures may cost less in the beginning, but partial dentures put pressure on existing teeth and can cause them to come loose. When this happens, the teeth roots are no longer in place to anchor the jaw, and through a process called bone resorption, the jaw may deteriorate over time. This necessitates significant additional dental work, costing you a fortune in the long run.

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