Dental Implant Surgery Eligibility in America
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Dental Implant Surgery Eligibility in America

Dental Implant Surgery Eligibility

Dental implant surgery is a good option for Americans who are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth. In the surgery, the dentist near you will replace the tooth roots with Titanium or Zircon implants. In all essence, the new artificial teeth will give the appearance as well as the functionality of the natural teeth. Plus, it can last a lifetime if we compare it to dentures for example. Yet, not everyone will automatically qualify for dental implant surgery. So, schedule a free consultation with the dental clinic near you to find out if you qualify for dental implant surgery. For example, Eon Clinics will check the patient’s oral health, medical history, jawbone strength, and gums to ascertain one’s dental implant surgery eligibility. In today’s blog, we look at the various criteria for dental implant surgery in America.

Overall health condition for dental implant surgery eligibility

A person who can go through the dental implant surgery procedure without any complications is the right candidate. If you are suffering from severe medical problems like cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, the dentist won’t move ahead with the surgery. The above-mentioned disorders can slow down recovery post dental implant surgery. Also, it’s important for the patient to disclose existing medical conditions with the dental implant clinic.

Existing Medications

One should reveal any medications to the dentist beforehand. For example, certain medications can affect anesthesia during dental implant surgery. Also, medications like aspirin and NSAID (Advil) pain relievers a week before the procedure commences as they cause excessive bleeding. Consult the dentist for the right pain relief after dental implant surgery.

Good oral health key for dental implant surgery eligibility

Dentists will often recommend alternative tooth replacement procedures for persons with a history of dental problems. If anyone suffers from an oral problem, the surgery’s success rate falls drastically.  The patients will be advised alternatives to dental implant surgery in case of poor oral health.

Healthy bone tissue

The dental implant will only be strong as the natural teeth if the jawbone is strong enough. So, the patient’s bone tissue is checked by a dentist for suitability for the surgery. The jawbone tissue must be healthy or the dentist will recommend bone graft surgery.

Good lifestyle choices

Usually, a dental implant lasts for a lifetime with minimal chance of decay. Yet, poor oral health is a leading cause of infection in the implant. Usually, the dentist will be reluctant to suggest surgery to someone with a history of smoking and drinking. Learn more about the impact of smoking on dental implant surgery here. Bad lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, a poor diet can cause dental implant surgery complications.

Dental Implant Surgery in Illinois

Dental implant installation is quite a safe oral surgery. In most cases, people will be eligible for dental implant surgery. If not, the doctors will advocate alternatives to dental implant surgery. If you are considering dental implant surgery in Illinois, schedule a free consultation with Eon Clinics today!