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Find the Secret to Eliminate Bad Breath Forever

how to eliminate bad breath

Everyone is conscious of bad breath impact on their personal, societal, or professional engagements with others in their lives. In the majority of cases, finding the causes of bad breath or Halitosis as it is known medically is important. The dentist near you can answer your query of how to eliminate bad breath after a thorough oral health checkup. You needn’t worry as it is a preventable oral condition. In today’s article, we will find out different treatments plus how to get rid of bad breath.

What are the Leading Causes of Bad Breath or Halitosis?

Finding the cause of halitosis is quite important before finding out the bad breath remedies. Let’s take a glance at some of the causes of bad breath:

Bacteria Residing in the Tongue

As we already know that plenty of bacteria reside in the gums, teeth, and even your tongue also. Most of them are harmless but certain bacteria can lead to a bad odor. Some bacteria present in the tongue will produce smelly sulfur compounds after interaction with the amino acids present in the food. 

Poor Lifestyle Habits

Individuals with frequent or regular consumption of liquor, smoking, and tobacco are at risk of exhibiting bad breath. Not just that, you are susceptible to oral problems in the near future.

Periodontal Disease

Severe gum disease is identified by a dentist if one shows signs of bad breath. It’s important to consult your dentist immediately if you want to eliminate bad breath for a prolonged period.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth or Xerostomia is known to cause halitosis. Any major decrease in saliva production prevents the mouth from cleaning itself and removing debris and particles. Also, certain medications can cause dry mouth so consult your dentist and doctor in tandem. 

Poor Oral Health Care Routine

Dentists advise individuals to practice a good oral hygiene routine to prevent dental problems. One should brush and floss twice a day in order to prevent the accumulation of food particles in the mouth. Food collected on the tongue, gums, or teeth is a breeding ground for bad odor-causing bacteria. Always make it a habit to make a visit to the dental clinic near you at least twice a year. 

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

To eliminate bad breath isn’t rocket science in any way. One only has to follow the right dental tips for a fresh breath, bright smile, and good oral health.

  • Brushing and flossing twice a day
  • If you use dentures, make sure to clean them at the end of every day before putting them in the mouth. 
  • Brush cheeks, tongue, and roof of your mouth. As explained above, bad odor-causing bacteria reside at the back of the tongue. 
  • Quit smoking and alcohol to reduce bad breath occurrence.
  • Foods that eliminate bad breath must be included in the diet. Carrot and apples can ensure regular saliva production.

Bad Breath Treatment

Treatment will be initiated after identifying the cause of the condition. Some of these are listed below-

Cause: Poor oral health care

Treatment: The dentist will go to the root of the oral healthcare problem

Cause: Gum or Periodental disease

Treatment: The dentist will perform a periodontal cleaning to remove the odor-causing bacteria alongside plaque or tartar.

Extensive Plaque Buildup in the Mouth

Your dentist or periodontist would advise you of an antimicrobial mouth rinse. Gently brushing your tongue will go a long way in removing odor-causing bacteria. 

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