Single Tooth Flipper vs. Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth or gaps in your smile due to an accident or gum disease, you have options for a replacement tooth. Either a dental flipper tooth or a dental implant can help you restore the look and functionality of your mouth. Continue reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of […]

What Does ‘Same Day Dental Implants’ Really Mean?

By Dione Park, Patient Educator “SAME DAY DENTAL IMPLANTS” “TEETH IN A DAY” “ONE DAY DENTAL IMPLANTS” You’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase same day dental implants on TV or radio and wondered: Is that even possible? When I first started working at EON Clinics as a patient educator, I was shocked by […]

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Many patients come to us with the question, are dental implants painful? The words “dental surgery” cause anxiety for many people, but procedures like dental implants are far less painful than people imagine. Many patients who’ve undergone root canal surgery are surprised at how relatively painless the procedure is compared to the stigma attached to […]

What Is a Dental Implant Procedure?

If you have one or more missing teeth and are considering dental implants, you probably have questions about the procedure. You can use this guide to help you understand what dental implants are, how the procedure is performed, and how to care for your new implants. If you still have questions, or if you are […]

What Can You Not Eat With Dental Implants?

Do you know what food you should not eat with dental implants? Dental implants are tooth replacements for natural teeth that have been lost decay, gum disease, or accident. They are cared for just like natural teeth with proper dental hygiene for oral health like brushing, water flossing, and regular checkups. Unlike removable dentures, which […]

Dental Implants After Tooth Extraction

Do you know about dental implants after tooth extraction? One of the most common forms of oral surgery is tooth extraction. It’s the last resort when a tooth cannot be saved through any other oral procedure. If you have had a tooth extracted, the best solution for regaining full biting capabilities, and that beautiful smile, […]

Dental Implant Basics: Oral Hygiene for Single Missing Tooth Replacement

A single tooth dental implant is a great solution for a missing tooth due to an accident or periodontal disease. It restores biting and chewing capabilities and improves both speech and the appearance of your smile. It is still important, however, to care for dental implants just as you would your natural teeth to maintain […]

9 Tips for Dental Implant Maintenance 

9 Tips dental implant maintenance you should keep a note of. Whether you already have dental implants or you’re considering the procedure, dental implant maintenance is the key to continued oral health.  Dental implants are a way for people with one or more missing teeth to enjoy the foods they love and feel better about […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Dental Implant

Here are top 5 questions to ask before dental implant procedure. Broken or missing teeth are more than a minor inconvenience. When a lost tooth is not replaced, it can lead to problems with chewing and speaking. It can also cause the jawbone to deteriorate faster. This deterioration increases the risk of gum disease and […]

Bone Grafting: Can You Have Dental Implants With Bone Loss?

Can you have dental implants with bone loss? Most people who have dental implant treatment have strong enough jawbone to support them. However, can you have dental implants with bone loss? In some cases, enough bone loss has occurred that bone grafting is needed before an implant can be attached. After viewing a dental CT […]