EON Partners with WGN Morning News in 17th Annual Drive-Thru Toy Drive Benefiting Chicago Park District

CHICAGO, November 21, 2019 – The WGN Morning News Drive-Thru Toy Drive will be celebrating its 17th year, the second year that toys will go to children served by the Chicago Park District.  The Toy Drive will run from  5am–10am on Friday, December 13th featuring Santa and other fun-filled holiday activities. Viewers can drive up and drop off a […]

EON Clinics Announces their Membership with the Munster, IN Chamber of Commerce!

We are happy to announce that EON Clinics Joins The Munster Indian  Chamber of Commerce. Joining a team of local businesses that work together with the collaborative goal to assist the community in entrepreneurship and growth. The Munster Chamber of Commerce holds many events for the chamber members and the Indiana community! An upcoming event […]

The History of EON Clinics Dental Implants Center

EON Clinics Dental Implants History 1992 – EON Clinics founder Dr. Rajan Sharma graduated from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. 2007 – EON Clinics established by Dr. Rajan Sharma under the name of University Dental Implant Facility. 2010 – EON Clinics receives its current name. 2016 – EON Clinics starts partnership with Neodent […]

What Are Zirconia Dental Implants and their Benefits ?

Are you aware of Zirconia dental implant and their benefits? If you’ve ever looked at options for replacing missing teeth, you’re probably familiar with dental implants. You may know that traditional dental implants are made-up of titanium rods that anchor a porcelain crown or an acrylic bridge to the jawbone. You may not be as familiar with […]

15 Interesting Dental Implant Facts!

Let see what are 15 interesting dental implant Facts! Do you know how interesting your teeth are? EON Clinics strongly believes that knowledge is power! Educating yourself about your teeth and dental history may give you a better understanding proper oral hygiene. Here are 15 Interesting Dental Implant Facts. 1.Dr. Leonard Linkow was accredited with […]

EON Clinics Discusses Teeth Sensitivity

Suffering with sensitive teeth can make day-to-day living hard. Many patients who suffer with teeth sensitivity describe eating as one of their most challenging  tasks. Some reasons for sensitive teeth are tooth decay, worn enamel, teeth grinding, and exposed tooth root (typically due to gum loss). If you’ve ever drank an iced coffee and felt […]