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15 Interesting Dental Implant Facts!

15 Interesting Dental Implant Facts

Let see what are 15 interesting dental implant Facts! Do you know how interesting your teeth are? EON Clinics strongly believes that knowledge is power! Educating yourself about your teeth and dental history may give you a better understanding proper oral hygiene.

Here are 15 Interesting Dental Implant Facts.

1.Dr. Leonard Linkow was accredited with being one of the first to implant titanium and other metals into the bone under the gums in the 1950’s. The procedure was completed with an artificial tooth that was attached to the metal implant. Dr. Linkow was later honored with a Lifetime Achievement award from the American Academy of Implants and Dentistry. Dr. Linkow passed away January 26, 2017 at the age of 90. Being the only dentist thus far to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine (1969), Dr. Linkow will forever be remembered as the “father of implant history”.

2. Around 600 AD, a Mayan woman attempted to replace her missing teeth by hammering shells into her jaw. It is said archaeologist found a piece of jawbone said to have been from the Mayan woman. From the piece of jawbone it was discovered the woman was in her twenties and had three tooth-shaped pieces of shell placed into the jaw of three missing teeth.

3. Lucy Hobbs Taylor was the first woman to receive her dentistry license in 1866. Believe it! Lucy started her own practice in 1861 in Cincinnati. In 1865 she was allowed to join the Iowa State Dental Society. The very next year she received her doctorate in dentistry, pioneering as the first woman in the United States to not only begin her first practice, but to be licensed.

“People were amazed when they learned that a young girl had so far forgotten her womanhood as to want to study dentistry.”

-Lucy Hobbs Taylor

4. Did you know that we use four different types of teeth to chew? The Incisor, canine, premolars, and molars are all used to grind food down to make it safe enough to swallow.

5. The dental implant treatment option is the ONLY option that helps preserve the jaw bone. Dental implants stimulate the bones under the gums which helps maintain the natural facial structure!

6.A common childhood disease is tooth decay. It is said that 42% of kids from 2-11 have cavities in their baby teeth while 21% of children from 6-11 have cavities in their permanent teeth. Make sure to have your children brush and floss twice a day!

7. Did you know 33% of Americans have untreated tooth damage? It is also estimated that 78% of Americans have had at least 1 cavity by the age of 17.

8. The machine that was designed to create the light fluffy delicious snack we all know as cotton candy was co-created by a dentist. It’s true! The Cotton Candy was initially called fairy floss before it was consumed

9. Do you know anyone who experience bleeding gums? Did you know a common way to treat bleeding and irritated gums are with a salt rinse? Gargling 3 times with lukewarm water and a bit of salt will help cease the irritation of the gums and speeds up any wound healing by decreasing the inflammation.

10. It is suspected at 500 BC the Etruscans created dental implants/ teeth replacements out of Oxen bones. The first record of a dental implant that was supported by evidence was the Mayan population around 600 AD. Archaeologist discovered the Mayans were implanting sea shells in the areas of missing teeth. Later in 800 AD, the Honduran culture would create implants from stone!

11. Have you ever heard the myth that dental implant titanium causes migraines? Though this is a common myth, it is not true. Actually it is very rare for any patient to have a massive headache or consistent pain after the dental implant procedure. If you have massive and consistent headaches, it is best that you see your dentist.

12. Coconuts are a great natural anti-bacterial food. Using oral care products that utilizes coconut oil is a great way reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities.

13. There are many different ways to whiten your teeth. The two paths you can take to whiten your teeth include natural treatments (homemade remedies) and store-bought whitening treatments like those available at your local grocery store. Read our article for more information on Homemade teeth whitening treatments.

14. The newest dental phenomenon is tooth tattoos. Yes, you read that correctly! Patients who are interested are now able to get tattoos placed only if they need dental crowns. The first tooth tattoo was placed on a crown 20 years ago by Suburban Dental Laboratory. Do you think you’d be interested in a tooth tattoo?

15. The first dentist known by name lived in Egypt over 5,000 years ago. He name was Hesi-Re and practiced during the reign of Netjerikhet (3000 BC). Hesi-RI was known as the greatest of physicians and dentist of his time. It’s not quite clear if he worked as both a physician and a dentist or just a dentist, but his dental works were advanced and well before his time.

We hope you loved reading our 15 interesting dental implant facts.