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New Teeth Smile in Just One Day Makeover with EON Clinics

EON Clinics Dental Implants Before and After Photos of Smile Are you aware that, as stated by Forbes, the simple act of smiling can stimulate your brain as much as receiving $25,000? Moreover, according to Psychology Today, children smile about 400 times a day, compared to adults who smile only 20-50 times. It’s clear why children experience significantly more daily joy. Fortunately, adults can cultivate more happiness simply by smiling more often! Patients who opt for new teeth through dental implants, understand the physical benefits such as improved chewing, speech, and aesthetics. However, many are unaware of the mental health benefits that come with a new smile, including reduction in anxiety and depression. Indeed, turning your frown upside down is one of the simplest ways to boost your mood. Read on to discover the science behind smiles and the mental health advantages of teeth implants.

Smiling with Your New Teeth Promotes Well-being

Imagine it’s 7 A.M. on a Monday, and you’re struggling to wake up after a sleepless night. Without your morning coffee, facing the day ahead seems daunting. Yet, there’s a simple remedy to improve your mood: smiling for just 60 seconds. Whether you’ve benefited from the advantages of dental implants or you’re using your natural teeth, taking a moment to smile can significantly alleviate feelings of anxiety or depression. But how?  Smiling deceives your brain into feeling happier, regardless of whether the smile is genuine or forced. According to NBC News, the brain processes the act of smiling and associates it with happiness. Very Well Mind reports that smiling releases neurotransmitters like neuropeptides, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, all of which contribute to feelings of happiness and reduced stress. Instead of reaching for that morning coffee, try smiling to naturally elevate your mood!

Perceptions Altered by Smiling with New Teeth

A smile doesn’t just benefit you; it positively impacts how others perceive you. Smiling with your new teeth can express more than words ever could.  Here are some ways smiling influences how others see you:
  • According to Ronald E. Riggio, PhD., from Psychology Today, a smile makes you appear more attractive, reliable, relaxed, and sincere.
  • Increases perceived trustworthiness
  • Conveys a friendly demeanor, making you seem more approachable
  • Indicates confidence, suggesting competence and self-assurance
Confident smiling allows you to present your true self to others, as testified by our dental implant patients at EON Clinics. 
“A closed-mouth smile doesn’t fully express who you are. It doesn’t reach your eyes. With dental implants, I can fully be myself again.” Debbie Collins, EON Clinics Waukesha Patient

More Benefits of Smiling

In addition to making you seem more attractive, smiling can also make you appear younger. According to Psychology Today, studies have shown that people typically perceive smiling individuals as younger than their actual age. Smiling lifts your face, potentially making you look years younger, and spreads positivity. When others smile back, it creates a cycle of positive interaction. Smiling isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good, too. When you smile, you not only appear more youthful and approachable, but you also spread joy to those around you, fostering a positive atmosphere. Smiling is especially impactful in new social interactions, helping to set a welcoming tone.

New Teeth Lead to Reduced Anxiety and Depression

Did you know, as reported by the National Institute of Health, individuals with missing teeth are more likely to experience anxiety and depression? With six or more missing teeth, these feelings can intensify. Fortunately, dental implants can restore not just your smile but your confidence too. No more avoiding social situations or feeling self-conscious; with your new teeth, you’ll love how you look and feel.

Get a Confidence Boost with Dental Implants

Boost your happiness and combat anxiety and depression with a visit to EON Clinics. Our expert team can help you achieve a confident, beautiful smile with dental implants. EON Clinics has five locations