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EON Clinics introduces a few tips to maintain a healthy smile

EON Clinics introduces a few tips to maintain a healthy smile

We bring you top 5  tips to maintain a healthy smile. Don’t hide your smile this holiday season, let it shine bright! Here are a few tips to ensure you have the dazzling smile in your family photos.

-Brushing twice a day is the right way! Making sure to brush in the morning and at night before bed is a good way to start progressing to your dream smile.

-Baking soda and lemon juice is a good home remedy to help clean the plaque off of teeth.

-Drinking water after eating acidic foods/fruits or caffeine.

-Smile! your teeth may not be exactly where you’d like them to be, but it’s important to prepare for your holiday photo! Love yourself and smile a little more this year!

-Flossing is important. Don’t go to bed with particles from Christmas dinner stuck between your teeth!

Remember, taking a few extra minutes a day to care for your teeth can help you to look and feel better! if you take these steps, smiling will become a little easier this holiday season.

We hope you loved reading EON Clinics’ few tips to maintain a healthy smile and you try these remedies at home every day for a more beautiful and confident smile.

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