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5 Types of Restorative Dental Treatments in Illinois

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Prevention is better than cure is a well-known adage in the medical as well as dentistry fields. Preventive dental care is an easy and cost-effective method to maintain your bright smile. This is why dentists advise Americans to follow the right oral health regime and scheduled trips to the dental clinic near you. This is crucial to avoid serious dental problems like tooth damage or decay in the future. If the problems occur, we have restorative dental treatment to the rescue. A dentistry branch dedicated to diagnosing and treating any problems arising in the teeth or gums. This is also beneficial to individuals concerned with maintaining the appearance of the teeth. In a way, restorative dental care would be quite similar to say cosmetic dentistry but they have differences. Major restorative dental treatment would provide treatments that require surgery that cosmetic dentists wouldn’t offer. In today’s blog, we take a look at the 5 classes of dental restoration treatments in a dental clinic in Illinois. 

What does restorative dental treatment cover at any dental clinic near you-

Dental Crowns

In this restorative dental treatment, the dentist will affix the tooth-shaped caps to the damaged teeth with adhesive help. Dental crowns can restore the tooth’s shape, size, and aesthetic. Usually, porcelain is used for the crowns as it is highly durable and similar in appearance to natural teeth. Note that dental porcelain crowns’ average cost would be in the bracket of $800 – $3,000 per tooth. To know more about it, schedule an appointment today here!

Dental Bridges

It is an alternative to partial dentures for individuals struggling with the gaps left by the missing tooth or teeth. Restorative dental care will restore your teeth’ appearance while improving other functions like eating, speaking, or laughing. Dental bridges could be made from any 3 materials- porcelain, gold, or alloys. Usually, porcelain is selected for front tooth replacement due to its likeness in color and shade of the natural teeth. The average cost would lie anywhere between $800 to $3,000. The cost would depend on the type of bridge selected for the procedure. 

Dental Implants

One of the most widely used restorative dental treatments for anyone missing a single tooth or several teeth. The dentist will place a screw-shaped prosthetic that will act as an artificial root in the jawbone. The artificial tooth will be placed once the implant has fused properly with the jawbone. Titanium is used for the implant as it’s durable plus similar in form and appearance to the missing natural tooth. At our clinics, you can schedule a free dental implant consultation here with a complimentary CT-Scan


Fillings are restorative dental care for replacing decayed parts of teeth that cause the formation of cavities. If one gets a good filling material, proper dental treatment, tooth fillings can last for 10-15 years easily. So, just make sure to consult the dentist near you on a regular basis. 


Dental Veneer is a customized wafer-thin shell built using tooth coloured materials. The dentist places the veneers on the damaged teeth’s front surface to improve aesthetics. Overall, one can compare it to the natural tooth enamel’s strength and durability. The major advantage of the major restorative dental treatment is that it will protect the damaged tooth’s surface against damages. Post the procedure, you can notice a vast improvement in color, length, width and shape of the tooth. 

So, Schedule an appointment to know what restorative dental treatments cover and the various costs associated with it. Book a free dental consultation here or contact us at 800-250-3500.