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What are the Most Common Dental Procedures in Illinois?

3 Most Common Dental Surgeries

Oral surgery is a specialized dentistry field dedicated to diagnosing and treatment of diseases, concerns, or trauma to the maxillofacial area. Today, specialized dental specialists perform a number of dental treatments in Illinois. Good oral hygiene prevents dental problems but sometimes there would be a need for dental surgery. You would contact a dental clinic near you for surgery in case of an injury or an infection or a severe orthodontic problem. In today’s article, we will talk about the common dental surgeries in Illinois. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

Going by the data available in the public domain, about 5 million Americans go under wisdom teeth surgery. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), individuals between the age of 16-19 should go for wisdom teeth evolution by their dentist. In the periodic dental evaluation, the dentist would suggest surgery if necessary. 

When One Should opt for the Most Common Dental Surgeries like Wisdom Teeth?

The dentist near you would spot the presence of wisdom teeth under the gums either through observation or X-rays. The wisdom teeth that haven’t erupted so far are called impacted. Furthermore, it can cause tooth decay, gum disease, loss of healthy teeth among others. In some cases, the impacted wisdom won’t cause any immediate damage but it would be difficult to clean. This would make it susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why it’s important to go for regular oral health checkups so your dentist can decide whether you need wisdom tooth removal surgery.  

Dental Implant is Another Common Dental Surgeries

One of the most successful and preferred methods for replacing missing teeth. This is why a dental implant is one of the most common dental surgeries in Illinois. At our clinics, we boast of a success ratio of 97 % in dental implant procedures. This speaks volumes about the longevity and importance of dental implant procedures in restoring the smile. The dentist would perform oral surgery on the patient so that the titanium rods can function as replacement tooth roots. It will be inserted into the jawbone where the prosthetic teeth will be placed on the top of the implant. In some cases, patients would need to undergo bone grafts before moving forward with dental implants. Book a free dental implant consultation or call 800-250-3500. You will be getting a complimentary CT scan plus a personalized treatment plan with transparent pricing and no hidden charges. 

Corrective Jaw Surgery

This oral surgery goes by the name of orthognathic reconstructive surgery. An oral surgeon performs the procedure to correct jaw misalignments to restore basic mouth functionalities like speaking, breathing, and chewing. Essentially, the procedure revolves around detailed reconstruction and realignment of the jaws to improve oral health. Improving aesthetic and facial appearance are other benefits of corrective jaw surgery. Not just that, Jaw surgery is done to improve TMJ or temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder in some individuals. Despite the complexity, it is one of the most common dental surgeries in Illinois. 


The article talked about the most common dental surgeries conducted at dental clinics near you. It is important to visit a dental specialist for professional consultation on the different types and common cases of oral surgeries conducted in Illinois. In the dental check-up, the oral surgeon will diagnose the oral health concern while recommending the best and appropriate dental treatment procedure.