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Diet and Nutrition Are Tied to Oral Care and Health

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition Are Tied to Oral Care and Health – Most people are aware that having a healthy, nutritious diet is important to their overall health. However, they may not always realize just how much their nutrition could affect their dental health, as well. Poor nutrition can affect the progression and development of various types of oral conditions and diseases. Making the wrong choices can cause problems with teeth and gums and could end up causing faster tooth decay and loss. 

Many people suffer from at least some form of dental issue. The Centers for Disease Control have found that about 90% of adults in the United States have at least one cavity. Around half of the adult population has signs of gum disease. Without making changes, it could lead to more and more people needing to have tooth implants once they begin to lose teeth. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small posts that are made from high-quality, bio-inert metal like titanium, which are placed directly into the jaw bone. It essentially becomes the “root” for the artificial tooth. On top of the post is an abutment that connects with the replacement tooth. The replacement is a crown made to look like the patient’s natural teeth. It will then act as a regular tooth for all intents and purposes. 

The dental implants available today from places like EON CLINICS are meant to last for a lifetime. Of course, patients still have to learn how to properly care for their dental implants. Fortunately, maintenance tends to be easy. Using a soft nylon brush, avoiding abrasive products, flossing, and avoiding hard and sticky food is often all that’s needed. The dentists that handle the implants will provide patients with the aftercare instructions they need. 

While dental implants are certainly an option for those who have lost one or more of their teeth, it’s always better to avoid this problem in the first place. Below, learn more about some of the ways that an unhealthy diet can cause problems for a person’s oral health. 

How Do Unhealthy Foods Affect Teeth?

It’s known that having a poor diet is a major cause of health issues like heart disease and obesity. However, it is also a major risk factor for tooth decay and gum disease. 

The food people put into their bodies affects every part of them from the moment they put it in their mouth. Most people know that certain foods are bad for their general health, but they may not have thought about just how bad they are for their teeth. Diets that have a high carbohydrate content, for example, could wear down the enamel on the teeth. This is also true of foods with a lot of starch or acid in them. 

Sugary foods are one of the worst options, yet they are items that people often reach for without thinking. This is because they provide an immediate sense of feeling better about things. For example, often when people are feeling down, depressed, or tired, they will turn to chocolate to get some quick energy or to feel better. Others might opt for energy drinks, hard candy, taffy, super-sweet coffee drinks, etc. These foods are filled with sugar that is going to cause serious damage to teeth. 

Many “healthy” sports drinks are also filled with sugar, as well, making them less healthy than a lot of people realize. The worst sugary foods for the teeth are those that stick to the teeth. It can be hard to get the teeth clean afterward, and the foods that end up staying on teeth can cause damage. Having a diet filled with sugary food will lead to tooth decay and loss, and then to needing dental implants sooner rather than later. 

Carbonated drinks might be refreshing on a hot summer day, but they are also terrible for the teeth. Soda is one of the worst things for a person’s teeth. Not only is it full of sugar in most cases, but it also has citric acid and phosphoric acid, which will wear down the enamel on the teeth. Even many fruit juices and fruits will contain acid. People can still eat fruit, of course, but it’s important to brush regularly to reduce the effects of acid. 

Hard foods are another problem. Chewing ice, nuts, and other hard foods has the potential to break teeth. While nuts are healthy, be careful while eating them. Pay attention to how teeth and gums feel and get in touch with a dentist if there are any concerns. 

Eating Better Foods for Better Oral Health

The important thing is to find the right balance and the right foods to ensure a healthier body and strong teeth. Some foods that are considered good for the teeth include foods high in calcium, such as leafy greens and cheese. Other foods include healthy protein and vegetables. When it comes to beverages, water is the best option. To add a little more interest, sparkling water could be a good option. 

Having a few of the “bad” foods occasionally is possible, but it needs to be balanced. Of course, people also need to take good care of their oral health. 

Good Oral Care Is Essential

To reduce the need for eventually getting dental implants, people need more than just the right foods. It is important to brush at least twice a day using quality toothpaste. It is also important to floss and to visit a dentist at least once or twice a year. Whenever there is an issue with oral health, no matter how small, it’s a good idea to talk with a dentist. 

Work with a Quality Dentist for Tooth Implants

For those who have already lost one or more teeth, tooth implants could be a good solution. Patients should talk with the experts at EON CLINICS to get a better understanding of what the procedure will include, whether they are a good candidate, and what steps they need to take next for the dental implants.