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The correlation between your oral health and overall health

The correlation between your oral health and overall health

We are here to discuss, Oral health and its correlation with your overall health. Interesting information brought to you from Eon Clinics and our research team.  Over the past few weeks we have been looking for information to help our patients and potential clients understand the importance of a healthy mouth and how having a healthy mouth relates to a person’s overall health. 

Many studies have been conducted and many more are currently underway to determine the exact link between mouth health and overall health.  We have been looking to our healthcare partners in the fields of cardiovascular healthcare professionals, diabetes, as well as many other areas that have been proved to have a link to health and longevity.

Let’s look at overall health and how there is a correlation to oral health and care:

In an excerpt from the JADA (journal of the American dental association) in an article titled “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body”, they remind us that “The mouth is filled with countless bacteria, some linked to tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Researchers have found that periodontitis (the advanced form of periodontal disease that can cause tooth loss) is linked with other health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and bacterial pneumonia. Likewise, pregnant women with periodontitis may be at increased risk of delivering preterm and/or low-birth-weight infants.”

This is just one of many available articles that show how important a healthy mouth.  Taking care of infections, soft tissue issues and compromised teeth can help us lead a healthier life overall. 

Some researchers suspect that bacteria and inflammation linked to periodontitis play a role in some systemic diseases or conditions but the truth of the matter is that more studies are needed for conclusive evidence.

Here at Eon Clinics, we will continue to keep a close eye on this type of research and keep you informed of new findings and up to date materials.  Until then, keep up with your oral maintenance and come see us for your implant dentistry based needs. 

We can help you get rid of infections, and restore your dentition.  If you are experiencing or have experienced cracked teeth, bleeding gums, swollen tissues, infections, tooth loss, or your dental practitioner has indicated that you may be a candidate for dental implants, Give us a call at 800-250-3500 or book your free consultation here.