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Choosing the Best Dental Implant Center for Your Needs

Choosing the Best Dental Implant Center

Dental implants are a lot more common than ever before. They offer a more permanent solution than dentures and partials and allow people to feel like they have their own real teeth, but better. When properly installed and maintained, dental implants are stronger and more durable than tooth enamel and will resist wear and eliminate the risk of cavities.

There are several perks to dental implants, but they also come with some cautions. For example, smokers will need to quit smoking both before and after the procedure for a period of time to allow the implants to heal and take hold. Otherwise, the entire procedure could be at risk. Of course, when you choose a reputable dental implant center, they will cover all of this before they do any actual work.

Dental Implants are a Process

Getting dental implants isn’t a one-trip visit to the dentist’s office. There are several appointments involved, from the initial screening and x-rays to the consultation and deciding which types of implants will be best. Then, there are the appointments to remove the existing teeth in the mouth. That will need to heal, and then the implants can start being placed.

Today, the process is generally done all at once, but there may be some cases that require more complex work and have to be done in sessions. People need to discuss what will be best for their oral health, not just what’s easiest or fastest. And anyone considering implants needs to be prepared for weeks and even months of appointments and take care of their mouth in various ways to aid in the healing and the implantation process.

What About All On 4 Dental Implants?

Conventional implants are done one tooth at a time, and can often require better bone density because they need to be secured at a straighter angle. With All On 4 dental implants, four anchors are placed in the front of the mouth, either on the top or bottom, and those anchors are used to hold an entire set of upper or lower teeth. Essentially, it’s like permanently installing a set of what people would traditionally call ‘dentures’ and it’s a great option for people who want something less invasive and still effective.

How to Choose a Dental Implant Center?

If implants seem like a good option, it’s going to be important to find the best dentist to do the work. Depending on where you’re located, there may be several options or the choices may be more limited. In any case, consider the following:

  • Experience: It’s always best to choose a dentist or clinic that has extensive experience in doing implant work. These procedures have been done for decades, but as of late, there have been some new methods introduced and not all dentists have the same type of expertise or amount of experience. Anyone that wants to get implants needs to choose an experienced, reputable provider first and foremost.
  • Types of Implants: There are a few different options for implants, including conventional dental implants and the All On 4 method discussed above. Some patients may already have an idea of what they want, and if that’s the case, it will be a good idea to stick with a provider that offers that type of implant solution. Of course, most dentists that do implants will know how to handle various types.
  • Cost/Insurance Considerations: For those with insurance, that might impact the available providers and you’ll have to consider that first. Otherwise, you should just make sure that the dental implant center that you choose offers a variety of payment solutions for this procedure because it may sometimes be considered an elective or a premium procedure and therefore require out-of-pocket payment.
  • Friendliness/Bedside Manner: When someone elects to get dental implants, it is essentially a surgical procedure. It can cause uncertainty and be scary for some, and many people already struggle with fears and anxieties about the dentist. Thus, it’s a good idea to look for a provider with a friendly, calming, and reassuring manner. They should be able to explain the procedure, the risks and considerations, and anything else that needs to be discussed. They should also be able to offer their advice and input on what they recommend based on the oral health of the patient in question because ultimately, that’s what counts.

You’ll obviously need to find a dentist that is in your area so that you’re not driving halfway across the state for dental care. Get referrals where you can and research the credentials of any dentist that you consider before committing. You’ll also want to consider things like hours and availability if scheduling is a big issue. Fortunately, there are a growing number of dentists and doctors who are offering evening and weekend hours to accommodate people who aren’t available during the typical hours of 9 to 5.

Choose EON Clinics for the Best Dental Implants

At EON Clinics, our expert team knows how to help everyone get the perfect smile. We can serve patients in the greater Chicago area, as well as Milwaukee and select locations throughout Indiana, too. Our process involves taking a customized approach to each patient based on their desires and needs for their smile, as well as the requirements of their oral health. Plus, we can work with anyone to help create a solution that fits within their budget and ensure that everything is taken care of from start to finish.

Visit us today and get a free consultation to confirm that you are a good candidate for this procedure and let us help you build your perfect treatment plan. Our all-inclusive pricing ensures that everything is covered from start to finish for those who need payment plans or other financial assistance. Treatment coordinators are waiting to help people learn why dental implants could be the solution they need. When it comes to making this decision, we’ll be beside you every step of the way.