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What is a Full Arch Restoration Procedure?

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Everyone is afraid of losing a tooth as it dampens their smile and lowers their self-confidence. Now, there is nothing to worry about losing one or several teeth as the dentistry field has made rapid progress. Just book a free dental consultation here and find out how to alleviate the teeth replacement problem. There is an exciting dental procedure named full-arch restoration for teeth replacement. In the procedure, the dentist near you would use a combination of the screw-retained prosthesis and dental implants. This would help you in regaining the appearance and functionality of a full mouth. This is highly recommended for individuals who have lost either all or most of their teeth. Today, we will understand what full arch restoration procedure plus full-arch restoration cost is. 

Full Mouth Implant Restoration Benefits

The procedure is quite successful for individuals suffering from loss of teeth. The procedure is undertaken on some patients who have tried out other procedures like dentures, bridges, or teeth implants. In some ways, full arch dental restoration is quite similar to implants. The procedure is quite beneficial with advantages like restoring your ability to chew, smile, and speak like one used to do with natural teeth. The added advantage is that the dental implants and prosthetics are durable with the appearance and functionality of the natural teeth. Plus, it can last for a lifetime if one follows the right oral hygiene routine. In some ways, they are stable and better than temporary teeth replacement methods like dentures. 

Full arch implant restoration is quite comfortable and prevents deterioration of jawbone in patients due to the weight of the implants and prosthetic teeth. This procedure is quite beneficial for individuals who are missing a full mouth of teeth. Plus, it stabilizes the overall structure of your face and jaw. There would be a need for bone grafting in patients before the placement of dental implants. This would occur in patients who are suffering from losing a large number of teeth for a long time. 

Full Arch Restoration Cost

The cost would depend on an individual’s oral health and requirements for dental restoration. However, the average cost would lie in the bracket of $15000-$40000. If the patient would require bone grafting or removing existing teeth or implants or dental bridges, this would increase the cost. Also, the number of dental implants would affect the full-arch restoration cost. To know more about the cost, schedule a free dental consultation today here. You can call 844-250-3500 today to schedule an appointment at a dental clinic in Illinois. You will learn more about the cost of full-arch restorations in the first meeting with us.

Length of Full Arch Restoration Procedure 

Full arch dental restoration procedure time would depend on the amount of dental work to be done prior to the procedure. Usually, a full-arch restoration procedure will take place in 3-4 sitting with the dentist near you. The time would increase if one has to undergo bone grafting or tooth extractions. 

Process of Full Arch Restoration

Let’s break down the procedure into different intervals-

The first session- The dentist will take an x-ray of the gums and teeth. Plus, impressions will be taken for implant development

The second session- oral surgery will be done to place the implants. Usually, 4 dental implants are enough to support the prosthetic teeth in the full arch implant restoration.

The third session– the temporary prosthetic teeth are placed in the mouth with the patient free to go home.

Note: The healing time for implant placement is around 10-15 weeks. 

The Fourth session: the prosthetic teeth are secured plus follow-up appointments would be scheduled to check whether the full-arch restoration procedure has gone smoothly.

Recovering from full-arch restorations is the same as the dental implant surgery done at a dental clinic near you. It will be around 7-10 days with minor discomforts like swelling and pain which would subside soon.
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