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Speed Braces for Straightening Teeth in 3 Months

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Speed braces have greatly reduced the need for elastic-based traditional braces in straightening teeth. Often, Dentists cited it as a golden standard for self-ligating braces treatment. The speed system is based on a unique design & spring clip technology for affixing the wire into the bracket. With the design, the braces are found to be ⅓ smaller in size than the traditional braces. Also, speed braces are more comfortable as well as aesthetic in appearance. In today’s article, we will help our readers in finding out about the benefits, cost, and procedure of speed braces and how it stands in comparison to the traditional braces. 

How Do Speed Braces Work

  • The braces are designed on the concept of ‘Spring Clip’ technology.
  • In the clip, an elastic metal is closed on the wire to reduce the pressure on the teeth. 
  • The spring-clip applies gentle force thus enabling the teeth to move frictionlessly to their desired position.
  • The speed clip technology aids in the pushing of the crown of the tooth into the right position.

The Benefits of Speed Braces

  1. Speed braces achieve the desired results in less time in comparison to traditional braces.
  2. Due to their small size, the braces minimized discomfort enabling the user to move the jaws comfortably
  3. The small size helps you to brush and floss your teeth regularly without any problem.
  4. The braces are made of a ceramic material that is strongly resistant to wear and tear 
  5. Speed braces are visibly hidden and less noticeable than traditional ones.
  6. Fewer visits to the dentists
  7. The braces lightly expand your jaw while lifting your jawline for better facial symmetry.
  8. With just a click, the braces open up and are swiftly fitted by the dental clinic near you. This procedure will save time while being less painful in comparison to traditional braces. 

Who Should You Get Speed Braces?

Speed braces are a great procedure for anyone wishing straight teeth with fewer visits to dentists. It is best suited for individuals who want swift treatment and are struggling with dental problems like gaps between teeth, overbite or underbite, and teeth overcrowding. It is quite a comfortable and efficient dental procedure while being inexpensive compared to other treatments. 

Summary of Speed Braces vs Traditional Braces Comparison 

Speed braces are quite a popular chance among Americans when it comes to selecting the self-litigating brace. Let’s look at how it stacks up against the traditional braces-

Timeline of the Treatment

The speed braces can straighten the teeth and solve the biting problem in a space of 3-4 months. On the other hand, traditional braces will take up to a maximum of 2 years. 

Pain Quotient

Speed braces are less painful than traditional braces despite the myths surrounding them. Actually, it is more sensitive than the traditional method of braces. 

Cost Factor

The cost of speed braces would lie in the region of $4,000- $6,000. While the metal braces would set you back by a minimum of S3,000. Consult your dentist near you and schedule a free consultation to know more about the procedure and benefits plus the cost of braces. Most of the dental insurance providers would cover partial or half of the procedure’s costs. Get in touch with the dental care and insurance to know more about the costs and insurance coverage. 

Amount of Time Saved 

The speed braces shorter treatment time would lead to less dentist time thus saving you time and effort. On the other hand, metal-based braces would involve plenty of dental visits. 

Where Can I Get Speed Braces?

The procedure requires specialized technology equipment and dentist expertise. So. It’s important to find out everything about the dental procedure, costs, and aftercare. If you are interested in the various dental procedures, schedule a free consultation today at the Eon Clinics website here! You can also call at 800-250-3500 to book a consultation with our leading dental experts.