Importance of Professional Dental Cleaning - 6 Dental Cleaning Benefits
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The Importance of Professional Dental Cleaning and Oral Hygiene

professional dental cleaning

Is professional dental cleaning necessary?

The answer to this question is yes. It’s very important to visit the dentist to remove tartar plaque build-up between the teeth that help prevent additional other health problems. That is why it is said to have the importance of professional dental cleaning.

Good oral health is crucial for the general health of an individual. If there is insufficient or poor oral hygiene, there are chances of having a multitude of both medical and dental problems such as a gum disease that could even lead to tooth loss. The foundation of having healthy teeth is proper dental cleaning and brushing twice a day for 2 minutes and flossing. However, even after daily brushing and flossing, there are still chances of developing cavities, toothaches, periodontitis or gingivitis, and other dental issues. Thus a key to a beautiful smile and long-lasting sparkling clean teeth is a professional tooth cleaning by a dental hygienist after every 6 months.

This blog surprises you with some of the benefits and importance of professional teeth cleaning that extends far beyond your mouth too. Read further to know about some of the compelling reasons to go for dental cleaning despite having superb oral hygiene maintained at home. If you are the one who hasn’t sat on a dental chair for more than 6 months, then here’s a reminder of the necessity of dental deep cleaning benefits, plus what to expect at the next dental appointment. 

What Happens During Professional Teeth Cleaning?

To begin with, a dentist or an oral hygienist will carry out the physical oral examination. The client would be looked for any redness, soreness, or bleeding of the gums during a periodontal (or gum) screening and also for any dental cavities that appear as a brown or black spot, a hole in the tooth, or a small fracture.

Next, the dentist goes for the removal of dental plaque and tartar. Plaque is a sticky bacterial film that is naturally formed inside the mouth when the food particles (especially sugars or starches) begin to get accumulated at the teeth surface. It erodes the natural teeth enamel, thereby promoting tooth decay that eventually leads to gum disease. Tartar is the hard form of plaque that is black colored and is formed after the plaque is left untreated for long enough.

At this point, normal brushing and flossing can’t help in getting rid of them and the only way is deep cleaning by the dentist. The dentist makes use of a special dental tool like an ultrasonic vibrator to scrape plaque and tartar from the teeth along with water to rinse the particles or debris from the mouth.

Lastly, the dentist may offer to polish the teeth that involve brushing and texturing the teeth with flavored toothpaste which are followed by good, thorough flossing.

Reasons Behind Having Professional Dental Cleaning:       

Dental deep cleaning offers the following benefits:

1. Reduce the risk of dental disease and infections: Regular professional dental cleaning allows the dentist to check for any existing dental concerns and also reduces the risk of potential oral issues. It is always effective for a person to keep the teeth clean rather than wait for dental cavities to develop which would lead to an unpleasant experience of having tooth filling or root canal treatment. Moreover, it can also remove the odds of having a gum infection or disease that could result in tooth loss.

2. Keeps the breath fresh: A professional teeth cleaning benefits patients by resolving the persistent bad breath (called halitosis) caused by oral infections and diseases. It can help control the build-up of acid-producing bacteria that is responsible for causing bad breath and help maintain an odor-free oral environment. 

3. Early detect the signs of dental problems: The issues like cavities and gingivitis that affect oral health can be detected early at the time of dental cleaning appointments. It is also a great chance for the dentist to detect early signs of fractures or broken fillings. If these issues are found much earlier, then they can be dealt with faster and easily before they turn into major dental problems.

4. An attractive smile: Deep dental cleaning benefits help reduce or get rid of unsightly stains on the teeth. Discolored or stained teeth are mostly the result of coffee, wine, and tobacco smoking or chewing. After a standardized cleaning procedure performed by the dentist at the dental cleaning, there is a guaranteed whiter and brighter smile.

5. Saves money: Dental cleanings or oral examinations usually do not have or have low co-payments included in the dental insurance plans. Even though the insurance does not cover dental cleanings, the patient finds that by having regular dental cleaning and check-up there is a cut down on likely expenditure on expensive dental procedures later in life. 

6. Boost the overall health: Healthy teeth and gums can assure better general health. The roots of the teeth are located close to the sinus and brain cavities. If there is an infection in the teeth, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream from the tooth root to pose serious health consequences.

But with regular professional teeth cleaning, oral and general health issues like stroke, cancer, diabetes, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and heart diseases can be avoided.

Schedule an appointment with the dental expert to know more about the importance of professional dental cleaning and to achieve a healthy smile with professional teeth cleaning treatment.