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Healthy Mouth! Healthy Life!

Healthy Mouth! Healthy Life!

At EON Clinics, we know that a healthy mouth is the beginning of a healthy life. We take time to look for relevant information regarding mouth health and overall health. This week, we looked to the CDC for information related to mouth health and overall health.

Recently, the CDC republished research findings from several doctors who conducted a long term study on “Periodontal Disease with Metabolic Syndrome and Number of Self-Reported Chronic Conditions”.
The objective of this study was to assess associations of periodontal disease with metabolic syndrome and the number of chronic diseases.

Of course, reading the actual study reads like stereo instructions, so we figured we would transcribe the results and conclusion of the study:


In the adjusted complete case analysis, 1.4 times as many chronic conditions were found among people with severe compared with no periodontal disease, and people with severe periodontal disease were 1.5 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome than people with
no periodontal disease. Arthritis and liver disease were individually associated with severe periodontal disease. Results of the multiple imputation analyses were similar.


These results suggest that people with severe periodontal disease are likely to have more chronic diseases and are more likely to have metabolic syndrome compared with people without periodontal disease.

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