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Cost Comparison and Pricing – Dental Implants vs. Other Teeth Replacement Options

Cost Comparison and Pricing

We bring you teeth replacement options and cost. When thinking about your future smile, teeth implants should be viewed as a one-time, permanent investment. Cost is a major factor when considering implants, however it is important to remember all of the benefits of dental implants including the sense of confidence they can bring, along with the benefits of health and oral comfort.

You can’t put a price on health and confidence. It’s worth your time to come in for a free CT scan to understand the condition of your mouth and get an exact cost so you can plan ahead. Schedule your free consultation with a doctor to get expert advice, and teeth replacement options.

Continue reading to compare the long-term teeth replacement options and cost, benefits and also know what options are there for replacing teeth.

Traditional Implants

Traditional teeth implants come with several key benefits over other dental restorations, and are the only permanent option. There are three types of dental implants: single tooth, multiple teeth, and full jaw dental implants like All-on-4 dental implants. The All-on-4 is ideal for a patient needing an entire jaw restored as four implants support the whole arch of teeth.

One of the leading benefits with implants is that with proper care, they can last a lifetime. They restore teeth without impacting adjacent teeth. Additionally, these implants work to protect the bite and preserve bone in the jaw. Implants themselves do not decay either. Overall, patients who have chosen teeth implants over other options report higher satisfaction and minimal follow up. Our patients tell it best; hear their stories in our patient testimonial videos.

Dental Crowns

One of the most popular methods of tooth restoration, dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over natural teeth. Despite its popularity, a crown can have negative side effects. Porcelain crowns are very brittle causing them to crack or break under the pressure of chewing or grinding.

All types of crowns come with risks if they are used during a restorative procedure. Since they cover a natural tooth, they can cause decay or hide existing decay. They can also push into adjacent teeth causing damage.

Patients who wear crowns have complained of discomfort while chewing and are sensitive to hot and cold liquids. Although dental crowns may first appear to be a popular and simple teeth replacement option, they can cause more damage to natural teeth than many realize.

Mini Implants

It’s true, the initial cost for mini dental implants can be enticing; however, after a while the convenience of a cheaper price turns into an expensive journey into tooth restoration. Mini implants are known to have a shorter surgery without the proper evaluation of the bone.  Complications patients have experienced are implants breaking, extensive loss of jaw bone, implants falling out, diameter of implants smaller causing the implant to slip or break. The amount of money used for fixing teeth options as new issues add up to create more of a health expense.


When patients are in need of tooth restoration, one of the first alternatives discussed are dentures. Dentures are a removable treatment that can either replace one jawline or a full mouth. Though dentures may appear to be the more cost effective alternative, they cause more of a health detriment than any other dental restoration treatment.

Patients with teeth replacement options as dentures experience severe bone loss, irritated gums, difficulty speaking, and breakage. It is common for patients who have these to complain that their denture is either too big for their mouth or too small and have severe difficulty eating. The drawbacks of dentures create more lasting issues than other dental restoration issues and cause a lengthy long-term price to repair.

Dental Bridge

It’s true, traditional bridges may be a great temporary alternative; however, it is not a good idea for a permanent fixture. Bridges have two crowns that are placed over your natural teeth with false teeth connected to the crowns to fill the gap. Some issues that patients experience with dental bridges are loss of bone, infection or decay of teeth, discomfort, breakage, difficulty eating, and lack of natural look.

Patients who wear bridges inevitably will need teeth replacement options that once held the crowns to keep the bridge intact. Patients with bridges spend more  repairing their teeth and bones and elongate their overall dental restoration journey.

Schedule Your Free Consultation and CT Scan

All patients are different and will need to have an evaluation by a prosthodontist to determine the teeth replacement options and cost. If you’re considering teeth implants and want to know what options are there for replacing teeth, schedule a free dental implants consultation online or give us a call at 800-250-3500.