Beware of Clinics Offering Permanent Implants In Two Weeks or Less

When a clinic offers permanent implants the same day, within a week, or even within a few weeks, this usually means they are trying to outdo the competition and offer cheap solutions that will not actually give you the permanent, strong, and lasting smile you desire.

Make sure you read the disclaimer—oftentimes you’ll show up for an appointment and your 4 or 10 day implant process will turn into 4 months.  

It comes down to YOU and your teeth, your jaw, and your healing process.

Quality and Longevity are often sacrificed for speed and lower cost.

Same Day Implants, 2 Week, or 10 Day Implants Can Be Deceiving

Every Patient is Different, Every Mouth Unique

Our competitors are offering 10 day implants, same day dental implants, and 2 week implants and saying they can give those to everyone when that is just not the case. 

Same day dental implants may work for a while, but when implants are surgically placed, there is a 1-3 month healing process (varying by patient) because of inflammation, swelling, and the time it takes for the jawbone to integrate with the implants. 

This is a major procedure, so why rush something that is going to affect the rest of your life?  You don’t break your leg and have it heal correctly in a day. These things take time.

Confused About Choosing a Qualified Provider in Chicago?

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Same Day Dental Implants

Some Patients May Take 1-3 Months or More to Fully Heal

As the jaw heals and the inflammation recedes, the tissue in your mouth will also change shape. What this means is that the teeth delivered to you within a month of your surgery may not be the proper fit in your mouth six months after surgery. If the permanent teeth are placed before this happens, it can cause various structural problems. This means more money and more problems, and it can even lead to lifelong issues.

We Do What is Right for YOU

We offer everything from same day temporary teeth with the possibility of permanent implants within 1-3 month healing period. We’re not going to promise you something because we’re only going to think of ourselves and the money. 
We will do what’s right for you—and we won’t know exactly what that is until we’re inside your mouth on the day of surgery. 
We’re not going to force a treatment that’s wrong.
We will offer you:


Temporary, High-Quality, 3D Printed Teeth

  • Get temporary same-day teeth
  • Strong, light, allow your jaw to heal properly
  • Made out of high-quality ceramic resin
Same Day Dental Implants

Your Smile. Your Choice

  • You choose the size, shape, and color
  • Customize your temporary and permanent teeth
  • Change them as many times as you want

Permanent Teeth In 1-3 months*

  • We use your custom temporaries to build your final smile
  • Made from the highest-grade materials
  • Treat and care for them like real teeth!

*You MUST wait for your jaw to heal before setting the permanent teeth. If you do not, your jaw may heal poorly, causing disastrous long-term problems.

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