Best Tooth Replacement Options for Missing Teeth
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Best Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth

A bright smile always gives us immense confidence but a missing tooth can dampen it. This would be more concerning if one is missing a tooth at the front. It’s not just appearance affected as the ability to chew food, speech impairment plus oral hygiene are all hampered. At Eon Clinics, we work extensively with individuals who are missing one tooth or multiple teeth. That’s why it is crucial to find out the best option for replacing missing teeth. In today’s blog, we evaluate the different dental treatments for missing teeth in America.

Teeth Implants

More than 5 million dental implants are placed every year by dentists in the United States of America. It speaks volumes about the procedure’s popularity with the success rate hovering around 98 %. In the dental implant procedure, the dentist will place an implant or prosthetic made of either titanium or zircon into the jawbone. After that, an abutment or a connector is placed on top of the prosthetic which will be connected to the replacement tooth. The final step will be the placement of a custom-designed or fabricated tooth that will match the natural teeth in terms of form and functionality. 

Advantages of Dental Implant:

  • The procedure will prevent further deterioration of the jawbone 
  • You won’t have to face problems with daily activities like chewing food, speaking, or laughing 
  • The implants would last for one’s lifetime if one follows a good oral hygiene routine 
  • The prosthetic is almost comparable to natural teeth in terms of strength, appearance, and durability

Partial Dentures

You can replace your missing teeth with partial dentures while keeping your remaining teeth. Also, the customized partial dentures will be developed and based on a mold of your mouth shape. It is fabricated of pink acrylic or nylon which resemble your gums in terms of shape and appearance. Also, removable partial dentures are clasped into their correct place in the mouth with the false teeth placed at the correct spot.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

  • The dental procedure is affordable for replacing the tooth
  • The dentures are easy to repair and replace in case of defects or wear and tear
  • Additional teeth can be added to the partial denture in the event of loss of any teeth
  • The application of partial dentures is simple and only requires the addition of metal clasps

Implant Crown and Bridges

Implant crown and bridge are implant-supported restorations for missing teeth. Dentists near you would use them to replace either the missing or extracted teeth. Dental experts often recommend an implant crown to replace a missing tooth either at the front or the back. 

On the other hand, an implant-supported bridge is preferred to replace several missing teeth up to 12. The length of the bridge as well as the number of implants depends on the number of missing teeth needing replacement. In case, one doesn’t have any teeth, the dentist will perform a full mouth reconstruction with either implant-supported dentures or dental bridges.


  • They function like natural teeth with no impact on eating, chewing, or speaking
  • Easy to maintain with one does flossing and brushing with the natural teeth
  • It lasts for several years if one follows the oral hygiene routine prescribed by your dentist
  • There won’t be any need to grind down the remaining healthy teeth to create a new implant bridge

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are a combination of implants and dentures. dentures and implants. During the procedure, an oral surgeon will attach 4-6 implants made of titanium into the individual’s jawbone. Designed like screws, dentures take a time of 3-6 months for fusing into the jawbone tissue. Post the implants are affixed to the jawbone, the dentist will attach a customized set of dentures to it. Once inserted, these dentures are permanent and can’t be removed without the dentist. 

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

  • It prevents bone tissue loss 
  • There is no adjustment period post the prosthetic replacement in the mouth
  • There is no special care required for dentures maintenance like we follow the normal oral hygiene with natural teeth