The Cost of a Dental Bridge

bridges grind down teeth and can cause infection

Although traditional bridges may serve as a temporary alternative, as a permanent alternative, they may cause more harm than good. 

A traditional bridge is created to fill the gap of one or more missing teeth. Typical bridges consist of two crowns that are placed over your two natural teeth at either side of the gap. In between the two crowns are false teeth connected to the crowns that fill in the gap. Though this may seem like a convenient and helpful treatment, here are a few reasons why this treatment should not be permanent:

  • Lack of dental roots causes bone resorption (or the thinning of your jawbone)
  • The teeth supporting the crown can get infected or begin to decay
  • Decaying/infectious areas will cause bridge to fail
  • The bridge doesn't look natural

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Where bridges may be a good idea for a while, the long term effect will cause more harm than good. People have also reported non-medical problems relating to the bridge such as

  • Discomfort from a poor fit
  • Breakage 

Dental implants offer a long term solution to gaps in your smile that bridges often don't. Learn why.