Benefits of Dentist Fitted Mouth Guards

Enamel on the teeth surface is the hardest substance in the human body. However, the teeth need extra protection and dental devices like mouth guards can provide this protection. Mouthguards are helpful dental appliances that support in preventing dental abrasion or tooth damage caused due to grinding, relieve painful symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, […]

What are the Most Common Dental Procedures in Illinois?

Oral surgery is a specialized dentistry field dedicated to diagnosing and treatment of diseases, concerns, or trauma to the maxillofacial area. Today, specialized dental specialists perform a number of dental treatments in Illinois. Good oral hygiene prevents dental problems but sometimes there would be a need for dental surgery. You would contact a dental clinic […]

Fascinating Facts on Dental Treatment

Chances are you’ve had at least one cavity in your lifetime. You know what fillings are. You probably even have an artificial crown in your mouth or even a dental implant. What you may not know is this implants have been around for thousands of years. It’s true! In fact, humans used some form of […]

Smoking Effects on Dental Implant Surgery

Smoking’s impact on human health is well documented. Every year, May 31st is celebrated as World’s No Smoking Day. Today, smoking effects on dental implant surgery success can’t be ignored. This is why at EON Clinics, patients are advised to stop smoking prior to the surgery. Also, smoking is bad for oral hygiene. It’s important […]