Getting an Implant Procedure: How Is a Dental Implant Done?

Dental implants are a common form of tooth restoration. They improve biting and chewing ability, speech, and overall oral health. The dental implant procedure is outpatient surgery that attaches an artificial tooth to the jawbone. The implant connects to the bone via titanium posts which connect to an abutment and then a crown. These metal […]

How Long is the Dental Implant Recovery Process ?

You must wonder How Long is the Dental Implant Recovery Process ? We are here to answer all your queries: Dental Implant Recovery Process FAQs People often wonder what the timeline looks like for the dental implant procedure. There are many variables since this is a customs procedure and the state and shape of your […]

Single Tooth Flipper vs. Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth or gaps in your smile due to an accident or gum disease, you have options for a replacement tooth. Either a dental flipper tooth or a dental implant can help you restore the look and functionality of your mouth. Continue reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of […]

The correlation between your oral health and overall health

We are here to discuss, Oral health and its correlation with your overall health. Interesting information brought to you from Eon Clinics and our research team.  Over the past few weeks we have been looking for information to help our patients and potential clients understand the importance of a healthy mouth and how having a […]

Free Dental Implant Consultation Benefits at EON Clinics

Are you looking for free dental implant consultation? Are you spending time researching dental implant costs and options, but not quite ready to commit? We completely understand! This is a life-changing decision that deserves careful attention and planning. Attending a free dental consultation at EON Clinics may be the perfect next step. Here’s what your […]

What Does ‘Same Day Dental Implants’ Really Mean?

By Dione Park, Patient Educator “SAME DAY DENTAL IMPLANTS” “TEETH IN A DAY” “ONE DAY DENTAL IMPLANTS” You’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase same day dental implants on TV or radio and wondered: Is that even possible? When I first started working at EON Clinics as a patient educator, I was shocked by […]

Why New Teeth Result in a New You: Benefits of Smiling

  Did you know that according to Forbes, smiling stimulates the brain as much as making $25,000 does? In addition, kids smile 400 times a day while adults only smile 20-50 times a day according to Psychology Today. It is no wonder that children have about twenty times more joy in their lives than adults do. […]