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The options can be overwhelming. Read a simple explanation of the dental implant options that may be available to you to compare their cost and value to conventional treatment.  

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I had my Dental Implant Surgery in June of 2011 at the EON Clinic in Chicago on Scott Street.
All of my annual maintenance and adjustments were all performed on Scott Street. Over the years I had become very close to the Doctors and Staff at the Chicago office. I retired and moved to Las Vegas in 2014, but I still would fly in for my maintenance checkups at the Chicago office. Therefore, you can imagine how I felt when I called to make my maintenance checkup appointment in June and was told that the Chicago office was no longer open.

I was offered an appointment at either the Hoffman Estates or Downers Grove offices. Because Isabel (Coordinator) was there from the Chicago office, I chose the Downers Grove office.

When I called and spoke with Jessica (Receptionist), she was very courteous and friendly. I explained that this would be my first time being seen by any office other than the Chicago office. She stated that she would have all of my records transferred to the Downers Grove office and that I would be in good hands when I got there. She was right, I was welcomed with open arms the moment I got there.

It was only a few minutes before Denise (Assistant) led me in for my checkup. Denise was very attentive and made me very comfortable. Then Dr. Pappas came in and introduced himself and started my checkup. I really like the way Dr. Pappas gave me a play by play of everything he was doing inside of my mouth. He did find that my implants needed adjustments and two abutments needed to be replaced, but he made me feel at ease and set up an appointment for me to come back the next day. When I came in the next day, I was greeted with the same smiles that I received the day before. This time I was led in by Myna (Assistant). She was just as attentive as Denise. She removed my appliances, then Dr. Pappas replaced the two abutments and reinstalled my appliances when the lab adjustments were complete.

I am hoping this letter will help ease the anxiety of any other EON Clinics patient that is thinking of making the Downers Grove office their maintenance and adjustment office.

I have never regretted from day one, for choosing Eon Clinics over Clear Choice, and now that I have found that it doesn’t matter which office you choose to have your procedures done, that they all treat you with smile, makes my choice of EON Clinics even more satisfying.

Ed Ward
Las Vegas

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