We are a highly specialized team of prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and lab technicians delivering dental implants for teeth restorations that last a lifetime. Our decades of experience and outstanding success rates draw patients from all over the Metropolitan Milwaukee and Greater Chicagoland Area. Eon Clinics provides complimentary consultations to discuss treatment options and dental implant costs with a specialized dentist in Chicago or one of the surrounding cities of Westmont, Hoffman Estates, Skokie, Munster, or Waukesha. Our six clinics are all-inclusive, meaning each and every patient may undergo their tooth implant procedure and receive their implant supported dentures or crown(s) in one convenient location.

Our Features


“All-In-One” Centers

Our “all-in-one” centers allow us to provide all aspects of dental implant treatment in one convenient location. At Eon Clinics, you will find the oral surgeons who place the dental implants, restorative dentists who specialize in tooth replacement, the dental implant laboratory, dental implant treatment coordinators and 3D CT dental scanner all in one facility.


Specialized Doctors

The Eon Clinics team is comprised of board-certified clinicians, including prosthodontists and oral surgeons, who provide the most advanced procedures in dental care, including the signature All-on-4 technique. At Eon Clinics, the doctors bring years of experience, a high level of expertise and passion to every case–simple or complex.


Same-Day Restorations

If you are suffering from severe periodontal disease, wearing ill-fitting dentures or uncomfortable partials, you may be a candidate for the All-on-4 treatment option. The procedure involves extracting the remaining teeth and placing non-removable dental implants, a permanent set of teeth that look, feel and function like healthy, natural teeth.


State of the Art Diagnostics

Our team uses HD 3D imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning, the latest technology in diagnostics, providing both three-dimensional and cross-sectional views. These 3D CT Scans provide detailed views of the facial structures so that our doctors can determine the quality and density of the bone where your implants will be placed, and are much more accurate than traditional x-rays.

Our Services

All-On-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants are specifically designed for people in need of full upper and/or lower restorations to treat failing teeth or replace removable dentures. All-on-4 qualified patients receive a full set of non-removable teeth in one procedure appointment (after…

Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple implants are indicated when more than one tooth is missing or in need of extraction and the surrounding teeth are healthy. There are several options for restoring individual teeth, but the implant option is the only…


One implant is indicated when one tooth is missing or in need of extraction and the surrounding teeth are healthy. There are several options for restoring one tooth, but the implant option is the only treatment which provides a…

Meet The Eon Clinics Team

Clients’ Testimonials

Jim L

"I would highly recommend the Eon Clinic office in Chicago! I just visited Dr. Voit and the team for my 6-year follow up and I can't believe how much has changed since the day I walked in for the first...read more


"I knew for 2 months that I would need major dental work and even went to 2 different dentists that said my only choice now was dentures.I sunk into a deep depression knowing that I could no long smile, laugh...read more

Patricia A. Zerbel

"I chose implants because the time had to be now as I could not properly eat anymore and the dentist I was seeing at the time had pretty much given up on me. He had talked me into a partial...read more