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As you embark upon the journey of dental implant treatment or improving overall dental health, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge. Read through our articles and learn more about dental health, aging teeth, and tips and tricks to maintaining your smile, bite, and oral health. In addition, learn more about dental implants themselves. Educate yourself about surgery and post-surgery care and find answers to commonly-asked questions.


Blog Topics

Dental Implant Information

Read these articles for information about the benefits of dental implants and the types of procedures available at EON Clinics.


Cost & Insurance

Dental implant treatments can range in price and complexity. Read these articles for clarity on average costs, insurance coverage, and payment plans.


Procedure & Recovery

Read these articles to get a clear understanding of the dental implant procedure. You’ll also find info about recovery, healing tips, and food guidelines.


Dental Self-Care Tips

Read through our self-care articles and learn more about dental health, aging teeth, and tips and tricks to maintain your smile and oral health.


Dentures, Bridges & Flippers

Missing a tooth and trying to decide which replacement option is best for your situation? Read these articles for comparisons between dental implants, dentures, bridges, flippers, and other popular tooth replacement options.


EON News & Updates

Read these articles to learn about exciting new company updates and EON Clinics in the media!


Patient Stories

Hear straight from our actual patients! Learn what brought them to EON Clinics and hear about their dental implant journeys.


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