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Choose the Best Between- Tooth Flipper vs Implant

Single Tooth Flipper vs. Dental Implants

When a tooth becomes severely diseased, infected, or unhealthy the only option left is extraction. No one wants to walk around with a gap or hole in their smile.

According to the latest research, in the U.S. it is estimated that more than 120 million people suffer from at least loss of one adult tooth. In addition to potentially creating other dental issues, a missing tooth can cause a long-lasting impact on one’s self-confidence, speech, chewing, and overall appearance.

It’s normal to have baby (deciduous) teeth naturally replaced by permanent adult teeth otherwise it is undesirable to lose one or more adult teeth. There are many reasons behind a missing tooth or gaps in a smile such as an injury, tooth decay, a genetic condition, or gum disease. Tooth loss can affect the overall appearance and make people lose their self-esteem and confidence. People may begin to hide their smiles, have slurred speech, have trouble eating, or become afraid of talking with others.

Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has evolved significantly as now there is a variety of discreet dental prostheses available that ensures comfort in the mouth. These missing tooth replacements can help the person eat without any discomfort and food restrictions, have a clear speech and enhance overall oral health, and have an attractive, confident smile.

There are different permanent and semi-permanent options available for fixing of missing tooth depending upon the specific needs and age of the individual. If a person is searching for a tooth replacement option and is not able to decide which is best option from dental flipper vs implant, read the following two alternatives that described about tooth flippers vs implants along with their pros and cons.

Tooth Flippers For Tooth Loss:

Tooth flippers are removable partial dentures that are the temporary best solution for people who have experienced tooth loss due to an injury or disease. A dentist or oral surgeon may recommend the use of tooth flippers before getting a permanent tooth replacement i.e. when the damaged natural tooth is extracted or after a bone or tissue is grafted and the site is sensitive requiring some time to heal properly. They may also serve best for people who cannot financially manage dental implants or those who do not have enough strong teeth for supporting a fixed dental bridge. Typically, the dental flippers are composed of denture acrylic material so that they resemble gums and support replacement teeth. They may include clasps like dental retainers and a metal frame to affix the tooth flippers in right place i.e. around the existing adjacent teeth without causing any harm or damage to them.

Advantages of using Tooth Flippers over Dental Implants:

Tooth flippers offer many benefits that outweigh their cons. These are often discussed by the dentist before their placement. Here are some of the pros and cons of dental flippers:


  1. They are less costly than dental implants and even other alternatives.
  2. These partial dentures can be designed without the requirement of surgery. Even if the damaged or decayed tooth needs to be extracted by a dentist, the dental flippers can be made well in advance i.e. before the tooth removal. Often, they are made within a day or two and can be trial-tested. The procedure may take one to two weeks to complete.
  3. They are a convenient option as they are easy to wear and remove from the mouth before sleep for night cleaning.
  4. They are lightweight and flexible (i.e. if any other tooth is lost these flippers can include them too).
  5. These require fewer dental visits before and after being placed in the mouth.
  6. People can restore their natural smile with nearby teeth becoming more stable to help prevent their shifting.
  7. The tooth flippers can allow healing of the extracted site after tooth removal surgery.
  8. If there is any damage caused to these dentures, they can be easily corrected.
  9. These are semi-permanent alternatives for missing teeth for young people whose jawbone has not finished growing and still there is loss of permanent teeth. Kids can use them until they turn to an ideal age of getting dental implants.


  1. Tooth flippers can be uncomfortable and unstable in the beginning.
  2. They need regular proper cleaning before being placed in the mouth as well as when they are kept in a container before sleep.
  3. They must be removed at night.

Teeth implants For Tooth Loss:

Implants are made up of a titanium screw (a metal post) that is surgically mounted in the existing bone of the upper or lower jaw to act as a permanent base of a replacement tooth. These are tooth replacement options for a single tooth or several missing teeth in the mouth. Dental implant surgery is performed at Eon Clinics for people who have healthy gum tissue and a sufficient bone density to place the implant.


  1. They can last for several decades before there is a need for replacement.
  2. They help preserve the overall bone health of the jaw.
  3. As the replacement tooth resembles a natural tooth, it can easily be looked after.
    The nearby teeth are not involved while placing an implant that allows the rest of the teeth to remain intact.


  1. They are expensive and are suitable when missing teeth are located adjacent to each other.
  2. The procedure can last for about 6 months as surgery is performed in different stages with in-between healing time. Thus there is a need for a higher number of dental visits.

Are you confused to choose between flipper tooth vs implant? Schedule a consultation with the dental experts at Eon Clinics to know more about the suitable option for your dental health.