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Why EON Clinics

We Keep the Entire Process In-House.

Our team works together to deliver the perfect solution customized for you.

The EON Clinics Difference

See How We Compare

When you come to EON Clinics in Chicago, you’ll find a welcoming staff ready to greet you as if you were family. Your dental health and smile are our number one priority. See the difference below:

EON ClinicsCorporate Clinics* Local Clinics*
Family Owned and Operated
Doctor Not Beholden to Time Limits or Quotas
Wait Time of Weeks Not Months for a Procedure
All-in-one Clinics
Single-day Procedures
Top-tier Doctor Accreditation
Thousands of Implants Placed
Price Matching

*This chart reflects only what is typical in this category of clinic and may not accurately represent every clinic in the category.

Your Smile. Your Choice. Your All-In-One Solution

EON Clinics offers a 5-year quality pledge on dental implants

As an all-in-one clinic in Chicago, we will handle the entire dental implant procedure in one location. From the initial consultation to the post-procedure check-ins, EON handles everything with one unified team of dental implant specialists. We give you your new smile faster while keeping our service and quality at the highest level.

Save Time

Digital technologies and onsite labs mean fewer appointments and a painless procedure that cuts the time in half for the entire process.

Save Money

This saves you money without sacrificing quality. We offer the best clinics, doctors, and materials at competitive prices.


Higher Quality

With our state-of-the-art technology, our specialized dental implant doctors offer the highest level of fully customizable implants, services, and materials available.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

When you’ve decided for yourself that dental implants are the right choice for you, you can book your initial consultation for free. Your personal EON specialist in Chicago will go over your treatment options, the exact cost, and your payment options, answering any questions you may have