EON Clinics Dental Implant Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“The care that I received from start to finish was awesome!”

–Kim Bennett

“My experience at EON Clinics was superb. I had been losing teeth, had bridges and then partials. The partials were attached to my permanent teeth. Because the partials weakened these teeth, those teeth started breaking. I looked into having implants done, but this entailed more than a year to have bone grafting done on my jaw bone. Because I had lost so many teeth, I decided I needed something much quicker.

“At my initial meeting, everything was explained very well. Any questions I had were answered thoroughly. On the day of my surgery, I found the staff to be very kind and respectful as to how I was doing and feeling. I was given exceptional information on what to expect and what I could and could not do. I was also given pain medication to take, but did not need it. It is amazing to me that having all my teeth removed would be virtually painless.

“My follow-up appointments were the same with the staff most helpful and courteous. I am so pleased at my new appearance and have recommended EON Clinics to many people.”

–Barbara Schneider

“Well it has been over a year now, and I can’t believe how wonderful it has been. Some of you see my pictures and my testimonials, and I see them and sometimes can’t believe it’s me. This procedure did truly change my life and how I see myself.”

–Tina Holmberg-Hauptman


“I lived with a missing tooth for years and recently cracked a tooth, which needed to be extracted. After researching my options I decided to give EON Clinics a call. In light of the fact that I have a crippling fear of seeing a dentist, I was reluctant to have dental implants. I am pleased to say that the doctors at EON Clinics are amazing.”

–Craig Arps


“I had absolutely NO pain–EVER. I did follow the ‘at home’ regimen faithfully. But never took a pain pill. It’s been a long time since I was not conscious of my smile. Now I’m conscious in a GOOD way! And eating and chewing has become ‘normal’ once again. I could not be happier! Would do it all over with no hesitation.”



“Going to EON Clinics was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I can smile again! My clients and my family have noticed the difference in me. I never thought that the process would go so smoothly. I’m a true fan. Thanks so much to the whole staff at EON and especially to the wonderful caring doctors. Luv you all.”

–Joan Barrett

“I was very surprised at how easily and smoothly everything went with my procedure. When I came to EON, I was dreading having dental implants done. But the whole staff there made me feel comfortable and at ease. The doctor and his assistants are very efficient and always happy! I thought I’d have a lot of pain after, but no! And the process was much quicker than I had expected. My new implants make me feel more comfortable and have greatly improved my appearance. No more missing teeth! I’m not afraid to smile anymore, and I have more self confidence. Plus, I can eat with both sides of my mouth now! I just feel more comfortable and normal.

“I would recommend this place to anybody who needs implants. They are wonderful and do great work!”

–Marge H.


“My son brings the Sunday paper home every Sunday for my wife. I was glancing through it and that is when I saw EON Clinics. I had a serious problem with my other dentist; I had dental implants before and they came out. The dentist said I needed heavy-duty implants. However, when I came across the EON Clinics ad in the paper, I told my wife to call and set up an appointment.

“We drove down to the Gold Coast location and I was greeted by the wonderful ladies in the office and discussed everything from start to finish with a doctor. I was told the surgery would be a one-day procedure so I came with my pajamas on; it was easy!

“My wife took great care of me and we followed all of the rules 100%. When I looked in the mirror, I was so happy to see beautiful teeth in my mouth. I was so happy that I came to EON Clinics. There was never a problem. Everyone was awesome.

“Everyone at EON Clinics is all into it! You are going places here! You have a marvelous team at EON and that is why you all are so successful! I speak the truth and I mean it.”

–Ira N Wesley


“Where to begin? I’m typically not one to write reviews, much less on a public website, but some things must be said. From the moment I walked into their office for the initial consultation, to the minute I left their Chicago location after the final procedure was finished, I felt nothing but warmth and kindness from the wonderful staff at EON.”

“I had been missing a tooth for over seven years, and quite frankly, had no hope of replacing it. Then I went to EON, just to check things out. Best decision I ever made. The staff there is thorough, and are most inviting, knowing this can be an intimidating procedure.

“When you put your smile, the very thing that defines you, into someone else’s hands, it can be a little more than scary. However, it took no time at all to put my full and undivided trust in the doctors and the caring nursing staff. I was a little anxious about the pain level after the procedure. To my pleasant surprise, I had none. By none, I mean ZERO.

“The doctors and staff made sure I was more than well taken care of after the initial procedure was completed and even gave me their personal numbers just in case something happened and I needed to reach one of them. How many nurses would do that for you?

“If you’re considering dental implants, I HIGHLY recommend the amazing staff at EON Clinics to be your best choice. I have no regrets or reservations that I made the right decision in going with EON.”

–Amy Jones

“My initial call to EON Clinics was handled so professionally that I attribute my decision to undergo the procedure specifically to that [call center agent]. I told her I thought I was interested in implants but I needed more information about it. After a few questions, she thought I would be interested in the All-on-4 plan. As soon as she explained it to me, I told her that was exactly what I was looking for.

“Although I felt it was a bit expensive, I agreed to visit with the consultant and learn exactly what the process would entail. I was sold on the idea immediately and after visiting with the doctor I knew it would be the right thing to do. From that day forward I have not been sorry. The surgeon and the nurses were so accommodating that I felt I was among friends. I did not experience any pain as I followed the liquid diet and hygiene regimen. All of my follow-up visits only proved I had made the right decision. I will definitely recommend EON Clinics to anyone who refuses to deal with dentures. This is the answer!”



“I first heard of EON Clinics on the radio. They were advertising an informational seminar, which I decided to attend. After listening to and speaking with the doctors, I decided to schedule a free consultation. After my appointment, we decided that implants were right for me. I was in need of a lot of work, having missing and broken teeth.

“EON restored my entire mouth to my absolute delight. The doctors and staff are AMAZING and took care of my every need. It was comforting to know that I was going to be well taken care of throughout the duration. If I’d only known how wonderful the whole experience would be, I’d have come to EON a lot sooner! Now my mouth is healthy and I have a beautiful smile, and I know it’s something I’ll have for the rest of my life. THANK YOU EON CLINICS!”

Love, Will (Will Johnson)


“Amazing! I felt extremely comfortable and felt like I was in the best care. I would recommend this facility to anyone. I liked the honesty and the knowledge the most.”

–Kia Ford


“Last August I made a major decision to undergo both top and bottom implants and cannot say how extremely satisfied and delighted I am with the results. As a healthcare worker, patient satisfaction is a high priority in both my personal and professional life.

“I cannot say enough about the staff at the Westmont EON Clinics. From my first meeting with Isabel Ruttenberg who explained the process and fees thoroughly to me, to the high level of care and concern I received from [the doctor], the clinical staff and clerical staff I have been extremely satisfied. Earlier this week the permanent implants were placed and I LOVE the result. I highly recommend anyone considering this procedure to speak with Westmont office and learn more about this life changing procedure.”


“The compassion and interaction…at EON Clinics is top quality. You will be treated with a staff that truly cares about their patients. They are very thorough producers, in that, you will not leave their office unsatisfied. The results show for how experienced and good the doctors really are and the level of quality and detail is put into their work. I highly recommend EON Clinics.”



“This is by far the best dentist I have ever gone to. Very honest. Doctor is amazing. They are very honest and do not rip you off like other places I have been to recently. Thank you so much for making my teeth look great! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”



“I went to the Hoffman Estates office for the All-on-4 upper and lower. The experience could not have been better from start to finish. Sure it was expensive, but I just got my permanent teeth today and went out for a big steak dinner. They did everything they said they would do, and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone on the staff took great care to help me at every step.”

–Eric Adams


“I just want to thank and commend the whole team who took care of me. Starting from your front desk personnel to the doctor. I had a very pleasant experience. Everyone was very professional, well mannered, great customer service!!! I did not feel any pain. I hope I was a good patient as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amazing teamwork. And for anyone whom I forgot to mention in this note. Thank you, lab technician, etc. You are a ★★★★★ to me and my wife.”


“I am pleased to say that the doctors and staff at EON Clinics are great. The procedure went very well, no pain at all. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

–Slobodan Ivanovic


“EON Clinics has made my dream of a GREAT SMILE come true. The Surgeons, Doctors and Staff are kind and considerate PROFESSIONALS, who KNOW what they are doing. THANK YOU. THANK YOU for my SMILE.”



“Finally! I found a dental office that is real, does great work, good prices, and aren’t pretentious. Super friendly and very efficient staff. They make sure you understand everything. They are very careful to avoid causing any discomfort too. Thank you very much.”



“EVERYONE in that office is super nice and professional. I am always impressed by the efficiency of the staff. The doctor there clearly explains every step and makes sure you understand her. I am very, very pleased.”



“The Prosthodontists at EON Clinics are amazing. They provide the highest quality of clinical care and have exceptional bedside manners. I highly recommend EON Clinics!”

–Sanjeev Rathi

“I was very surprised at how easily and smoothly everything went with my procedure. When I came to EON, I was dreading having dental implants done. But the whole staff there made me feel comfortable and at ease. The doctor and his assistants are very efficient and always happy! I thought I’d have a lot of pain after, but no! And the process was much quicker than I had expected.

“My new implants make me feel more comfortable and have greatly improved my appearance. No more missing teeth! I’m not afraid to smile anymore, and I have more self-confidence. Plus, I can eat with both sides of my mouth now! I just feel more comfortable and normal. I would recommend this place to anybody who needs implants. They are wonderful and do great work!”

–Amy Moreno


“I chose EON Clinics instead of my regular dentist because it’s a one-stop clinic with doctors that have years of experience in placing dental implants. The staff was friendly, and I never felt pressured into anything. I’d recommend EON Clinics to anyone needing dental implants.”

–Ashley Cobb


“I just now left the Munster office, having my first wax try-ins. I was VERY impressed by [the doctor’s] attention to detail: the contour of my mouth, the angle of the teeth, etc. Not only is he kind & gentle, but I am confident my definitive will be PERFECT!”

–Suzanne Turner


“I had a very pleasant experience. The staff is professional and friendly. I am always impressed by the efficiency of the staff. Everyone in that office is super nice and professional. Truly a blessing to know you guys”.



“After having a horrible experience, I was referred to EON Clinics by my coworker. The facility is new and stylish and clean with state of the art technology. The staff and doctors are not only welcoming and thorough, but they provide quality service from the moment you step into their office to the moment you step out and follow up. I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with this clinic in regards to professionalism and quality of work. You will not be disappointed.”


“If only I had known how wonderful the whole experience would be, I would have come to EON Clinics a lot sooner. I thought the procedure would be painful and require a lot of downtime (which I did not have) to recover; however, I can honestly say, that was not the case whatsoever.

“Going to EON Clinics was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Not to mention, from start to finish, the entire staff (clinical and non-clinical) was pleasant, inviting, and extremely knowledgeable about implants and the procedure itself. I can’t thank them enough! Not only has my new smile given me the confidence I have always wanted, I don’t have to worry about not having something to smile about ever again. Thank you a million times over, EON Clinics.”

–Anish Shah


“I talked to several clinics about getting the dental implant procedure and am very happy I went with EON Clinics. The staff is very friendly and prompt with all concerns I had. I needed dental implants due to a fall, and, with being young, 33, I was concerned about how they would look. As of now I am still in the healing process, but in August 2013 my final crowns will be placed and the EON Clinics staff has made me feel very confident about how they will look. I highly recommend EON Clinics.”

–Shelly Van Ess


“Well, Happy New Year to you all at EON Clinics. I really can’t believe that another holiday season has come and gone. I love the fact that again in every one of the pictures I am smiling. What a difference the All-on-4 has made in my life. I enjoyed eating all of my favorite foods once again without worry. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE, WHOM I NOW CALL FRIENDS. HAPPY NEW YEAR.”

–Tina Holmberg-Hauptman


“WONDERFUL SERVICE!!! I go to EON Clinics for any dental implant concerns. The staff and doctors are especially very good. The doctor suggested many great things to help me. Now I feel much better. THANK YOU”



“Just left my checkup. I had my surgery/implants August 2012 and this has been the best 18 months! Thanks to the doctor and all of his talented and caring team. You have all given me back comfort and confidence that is almost impossible to describe.”

–Tisha Meek Morgan


“I cannot praise this clinic enough for the care they DID NOT find necessary. Our regular dentist told my husband that 2 baby teeth were in danger of falling out and that he should consider implants…The dentist at EON Clinics did a CT scan of his mouth and told him the teeth were not loose–in fact, they were now part of the bone. My husband expected to need the implants so we would not have questioned a diagnosis that required implants.

This dental specialist not only saved my husband from having an unnecessary medical procedure–he saved us from spending over $10,000–and we were not charged for the CT scan or the dentist’s time. What a pleasure to find such an ethical and knowledgeable professional. Thank you EON Clinics!”



“I have been wanting to get my teeth fixed for many years now, but I was really embarrassed about my smile and about the whole appearance of my mouth in general. I felt judged wherever I went so I knew that I had to take action and something had to be done. I found EON Clinics online, and, right from the start, they were extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable. Just a week after my consultation I was in for my surgery, and they got it all done in one day.

“I am not joking when I say my life changed in one single day. I have had no problems with my new implants, and they look completely natural and real. I can’t thank Eon Clinics enough for making me a confident person, and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! It may have been pricey, but it was well worth it!”

–Donal Scrivner


“EON Clinics, Waukesha, extracted over a dozen of my bad teeth and 2 failed implants done at another clinic, and on the same day. The All-on-4 procedure was done for my uppers and lowers. I was awake through this, and I had no pain or even discomfort (some swelling and bruising went away in a few days). All went very well and I am very happy with the outcome so far. I went home with temporaries and detailed instructions on ‘do’s and don’ts’ to follow.

“In a few months when everything is well anchored and healed impressions will be taken, and then replaced with the permanent set. If they look as good as these, I’ll be very happy, but they should be even better. I suggest this as the best alternative to anyone that is getting close to having dentures. The EON Clinic in Waukesha has a great team of doctors, nurses, and aids that care deeply about my concerns, fears, wishes, and comfort.”



“Excellent service, excellent staff, and, best of all, no surprises. Very professional. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!”



“The Prosthodontists at EON Clinics are amazing. They truly care about their patients and are thoughtful and detailed oriented about everything they do. They are patient and have a wonderful bedside manner. The results that I have seen are exceptional and my life has changed in such a positive way. I highly recommend EON Clinics as it is life changing!”

–Serena Rathi