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Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

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Unfortunately, unpleasant aesthetics aren’t the only downside of having a missing tooth. A missing tooth can be both embarrassing and painful. Whether the tooth is severely fractured, rotten, or has been knocked out, it can have serious health consequences. Getting proper treatment will allow you to maintain a great smile as well as your health.

You can find some of the best dental implants in Milwaukee. Here are three reasons that people decide to get teeth implants:

1. To Prevent Other Teeth from Shifting

One broken tooth in your mouth may have consequences for the rest of your teeth. Over time, the surrounding teeth in your mouth may shift their location to fill in the gap. This can create more dental problems down the road. Teeth spaced unevenly are more likely to harbor plaque that will be difficult to clean. A dental implant will prevent these teeth from shifting over. The end result is a lot of money saved on dental bills.

2. To Protect Your Jawbone

The teeth in your mouth are rooted in your jaws. Each time you chew food your jaws receive significant stimulation from the attached teeth. When you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth your jawbone stops receiving that stimulation. Imagine a muscle that is no longer being used; it will wither and die. The same thing can happen to your jaw bone. The deterioration of your jaw bone, called bone resorption, can cause more serious health issues down the road.

3. To Preserve Your Appearance

Maybe you think you can cope with a few missing teeth, but unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end there. Bone resorption, the thinning of your jaw bone,  eventually comes with severe consequences to your appearance. Without teeth to stimulate the jaw bone, your face will become sunken. You will look much older than you actually are. Teeth implants keep your jaw stimulated and keep you looking young and healthy.

Get Your Dental Implants Now

You don’t have to suffer because of missing teeth anymore. For the best dental implants in Milwaukee, look no further than EON Clinics in Waukesha. Our professional team has the experience and expertise to make sure your dental problems are a thing of the best. After a free consultation to get a look at your mouth, our team will make sure you get the best dental implants in Milwaukee.

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