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Introducing EON’s Prosthodontist of the Month!

Introducing EON's Prosthodontist of the month Dr Baker

We are Introducing EON’s Prosthodontist of the month Dr Baker. EON Clinics would like to take a moment to acknowledge Dr Baker as our Prosthodontist of the Month. As one of our newer prosthodontists, Dr Baker has already created a positive lasting impact upon the patient’s she’s crossed paths with. We received an opportunity to sit down with Dr Baker and get a little background information on what drives her in her career as a prosthodontist.

At what point in your academic career did you decide you wanted to pursue becoming a prosthodontist?

“While I was in dental school I realized that there was so much more to learn beyond general dentistry. I knew that there were better solutions to replacing missing teeth than conventional dentures and partials. My advanced training in prosthodontics has allowed me to provide my patients with the best and most esthetic solutions to their complex dental problems.”

What do you enjoy most being a prosthodontist?

“The most rewarding thing about being a prosthodontist is restoring a patient’s smile. Many patients struggle with dental problems for much of their lives. Implant treatment can allow patients to smile again after years of being embarrassed or unhappy with their teeth.”

You have a very extensive academic background. What’s one event you experienced in college that helped push you to success?

“I was interested in healthcare but realized in college that I could combine that interest with my background in visual arts through dentistry. My passion for dentistry only grew the more I learned, and I decided to continue my education with postgraduate speciality training in Prosthodontics after dental school. Every patient is unique, and as a prosthodontist, I can provide each of my patients with unique solutions to complex dental problems. I continually strive to provide the best and most technologically advanced treatment for my patients. My love of learning continues to push me to train in new techniques and innovations in dentistry and prosthodontics, and also allowed me to achieve Board Certification in my speciality.”

What is some advice you’d give someone working to become a prosthodontist?

“Becoming a prosthodontist takes years of training and hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding to be able to transform patients’ lives through their smiles.”

We are so happy, introducing EON’s Prosthodontist of the month Dr Baker, we hope she accomplishes more and more achievements and success in life.  

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