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Premium Smile™ Zirconia Bridge

Breathtakingly lifelike, Zirconia barless arches are the best choice for a truly exceptional smile. Ask about this option at your consultation.

Premium Smile Zirconia

Made from zirconia, rather than porcelain or resin, these teeth are so lifelike, they are visually indistinguishable from real teeth and gums. Just like real teeth, they are slightly translucent and the gradation of color perfectly matches the shading of natural teeth and gums

You’re giving yourself a beautiful smile. Choose the best option. See for yourself why you deserve a Premium Smile™.

EON Clinics Is Your Choice for Zirconia

Unlike most other clinics in and around Chicago and Milwaukee, EON Clinics makes zirconia bridges in house. Few clinics possess the technology to mill these gorgeous bridges themselves. EON’s Premium Smile™ bridges are works of detailed craftsmanship created by our experienced prosthondontic team.