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So you’ve gone to your consultation and you’re considering financing options to assist you in getting your dental implant treatment. After reviewing CareCredit, you may decide it’s not the best financing option for you. Here are ten helpful facts about Lending Club.


  1. Although Lending Club provides personal loans, the company also finances medical procedures.
  2. Where CareCredit is seen as more of a medical credit card, Lending Club connects it’s borrowers to investors. Lending Club is the world’s largest financing company connecting borrowers to investors.
  3. For medical, Lending Club offers up to $50,000 that can be paid back with a term between 2-7 years.
  4. APR’s for loans with Lending Club can range from 3.99-24.99%
  5. Lending Club also offers no-interest plans with a 0% APR for 6-24 months.
  6. If you are in need of some help receiving a loan, you can have a family member or a close friend finance your dental implant procedure on your behalf.
  7. Lending Club provides basic information of plans, rates, and possible monthly payments.
  8. There is no down payment for usage with Lending Club, just a fixed monthly payment. Typically after receiving the loan, there isn’t a payment due for three to seven weeks.
  9. After applying, you may receive a decision within a few seconds. If not, you will be contacted with a decision within 48 business hours.
  10. You can apply for Lending Club during your consultation and/or in the comfort of your own home. More information about EON Clinics dental implant options can be found throughout this site.