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The Cost of Dental Implants

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The Cost of Dental Implants

EON CLINICS understands every patient is unique, that
is why every treatment plan is a custom fit for you. 

top testI would highly recommend Eon Clinics. 10 weeks later and “I would do this again”bottom test

We Offer All-Inclusive Pricing

When you arrive for your FREE CONSULTATION, you will meet with your personalized Treatment Coordinator and our Prosthodontist, who exclusively works with dental implants.  During this visit, you will see firsthand how everyone is here to help make your new smile a reality.

  • We LISTEN to your goals
  • We CONFIRM that you are a candidate for dental implants
  • We BUILD your specific treatment plan

This All-Inclusive Pricing and Plan will include ALL visits, from your first consultation, to your final new teeth.

Why do Patients Choose EON CLINICS?

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We provide an all-inclusive treatment plan and help our patients explore affordable financing — No hidden fees.

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You receive convenient and comprehensive care from our experienced team of specialists, who will go out of their way for you.

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Your prosthodontist, your oral surgeon and your lab technician all work together in tight coordination to deliver the perfect treatment for you.


“My self image improved, my confidence improved. It was like I was a different person! EON has been there EVERY step of the way…..from the moment I took that first step thru the door to today….practically 9 years later!”


Affordability made Easy:

We offer third-party financing and payment plans.

We offer third party finance options from the best healthcare finance companies in the business. At EON Clinics, we understand that patients can seek the best treatment, but it needs to fit within their financial lifestyle and budget as well.

At your FREE consultation, you’ll review all the options for funding your personalized treatment.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer many advantages that help parients regain dental function, restore appearance, and enjoy long-term value.

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Permenently pull all your dental issues in the past, Dental implants are designed and placed to last the rest of your life. Go ahead, eat what you wnat – no need to hold back any longer!


Regain your confidence! Don’t hold back anymore, Go out with friends and family more often, get that promotion. Go out on date-night. No need to avoid social situations any longer.

well being

Well being is more thant just good health – but that has a lot to do with it. Nutrition, and overall health are the foundation of a life that is fulfilling. Live your best life with EON Clinics!

Book a Free Consultation
“I decided to have a consulatation with EON Clinics (which was FREE) and received the most AMAZING care and treatment! I did the “all on 4”. I deal with people on a daily basis and you have no idea how one can become so self conscious about one’s own appearance!

People judge you on your smile, and teeth are something that people notice first! Why not go to the leaders in implants!”
Jamie Eon Clinics Patient

“When we meet our patients, most of them have already gone through a constant history of dental work and maintenance. Their constant short-term “fixes” have caused them long-term problems (and costs). With so many factors, you know why we offer a FREE, No Obligation Consultation. We want our patients to understand all of their options before quoting any pricing.”

— Dr Sharma

Customer Review

top test10-week post op by the patient Paul Lair from Channahon, Illinois the procedure being reviewed is full mouth teeth removal and full upper and lower dental implants commonly referred to all on 4. After the free consultation at Eon Clinics, and discussion with Dr. Sharma, I scheduled a dater for my procedure. I opted for complete removal of all teeth and upper and lower implants. I arrived in the morning for my procedure was greeted by the oral surgeon and his staff .. I felt comfortable and we discussed the procedure and the risks and alternatives. I decided to still have the procedure. Was not too long and I was sedated with an IV. I remember waking up once, however, after discussion with the surgeon they woke me so I could open and close for them as they were doing molds. I woke up again, this time the procedure was over, took about 3 ½ hours. I was in some pain they gave me something in my IV and the pain subsided. I was then able to go to a recovery room, it was here that I waited while my temporary teeth were being 3d printed. After about an hour I met with the prosthodontist who informed me my temporary set was ready, they fit very well and only needed a bit of bite adjustment. Still in no pain, a little sore but not bad.

I was then discharged with post op instructions and was able to walk up front and make a follow up appointment and walk to my car. The entire procedure was less than 6 hours. Drive home was an hour, I remember thinking to myself when the pain meds wear off how much pain was, I going to be in. Got home and went to bed and used an ice pack to help with the swelling. Still thinking about those pain meds wearing off. Well, many hours later I was still in no real pain, the meds had worn off long ago and I was really in no pain, I was told during the consultation that many patients have little pain after their procedure I was skeptical, but it is true at least in my case. This has not been my dental history I have had trouble getting numb, had issues with pain after most dental procedures. By day four there was no more swelling, and I could open my mouth some, still never any pain that ibuprofen could not help. I had 21 natural teeth removed one broken at the gumline, three single tooth implants removed one was over ten years old. 8 new implants inserted, and two temporary bridges attached to the new implants. I did not need any bone grafting or a sinus lift.

I am three weeks away from my 3 mo. Xray and exam to see if I can start to move to the permanent set of teeth. So far, I have had no issues with the temporary teeth. I will say I have followed the post op instructions to the letter and the hardest part is the no chewing, however a small portable blender and a portable water pic have really helped. I was off work for four days this was my schedule.

I would highly recommend Eon Clinics and DR Sharma and the Oakbrook terrace location if you are considering having this procedure done. The best comment that I can make 10 weeks later is “I would do this again” I rate Eon Clinics Oakbrook Terrace
bottom test

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Paul Lair
Channahon Illinois

This is a big decision but we are here for you every step of the way.

Patient at EON Clinics Dental Implants in Hoffman Estates
  • Can you finance dental implants?

    Yes! We offer financing through LendingClub, CareCredit and Proceed Finance. When you come in for your free consultation, we’ll see if you qualify for financing and payment plans. We’ll also check your insurance plan to see if your plan provides coverage for a portion of the procedure. We’ll assist you with the entire process, making it as easy as possible to pay for your implants.

  • Does insurance cover dental implants?

    Certain dental insurance plans do reimburse portions of the dental implant procedure, but unfortunately, it is rare to receive significant coverage. Most insurance providers consider dental implants a “cosmetic procedure.” However, we will provide you with information so you can maximize your insurance for reimbursement. Coverage amounts depend on the insurance provider, plan coverage details, and plan annual limit. Private dental insurance plans may cover certain aspects of your procedure such as anesthesia, tooth removal, and bone grafting.

    There are a few cases where medical insurance is available for people who are missing all of their teeth, and as a result, have medical complications. Typically, medical insurance will cover dental implant and tooth replacement procedures related to the following types of conditions:

    • Loss of teeth due to a medical condition
    • If teeth are lost in the course of tumor treatment
    • A congenitally missing tooth

    This type of coverage depends solely on the individual policy. Other than these situations, medical coverage is very rare.

  • Does Medicare/Medicaid cover dental implants?

    Medicaid and Medicare do not cover dental implants at all. State/county insurances (such as BadgerCare and CountyCare) also do not cover dental implants. For more information on these options, visit our friends at Medicare Consumer Guide.

  • Why do dental implants cost so much?

    At EON Clinics, the cost of dental implants is all-inclusive with no hidden fees. Your treatment cost covers a variety of expenses:

    • Oral surgeon fees
    • Prosthodontist fees
    • Custom-fabricated temporary and permanent prostheses
    • Material costs
    • Anesthesia related costs
    • Any included medications
    • Post-surgical follow-up appointments
    • 3-D CT scan imaging

    You will live with the outcome of your smile transformation for the rest of your life, and you truly do get what you pay for. Our patients repeatedly say that they were grateful to choose the highest quality care and a lifetime solution. Their only regret? Not doing it sooner!

  • Is it safe to get cheap dental implants outside of the U.S.?

    Dental tourism can be an affordable way to receive treatment that would otherwise be out of budget, but a limited budget is all the more reason not to gamble with your health and savings. EON Clinics doctors continually are fixing teeth that were poorly placed elsewhere at a cheap price. Oftentimes, we see patients spending even more to fix the smile they initially thought would save them money. As such, we highly advise against dental tourism. Read more on the dangers of dental tourism.