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Important resources to provide additional information and answer questions regarding the dental implant decision-making process.

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Save Time

Digital technologies and onsite labs mean fewer appointments and a painless procedure that cuts the time in half for the entire process.

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Save Money

This saves you money without sacrificing quality. We offer the best clinics, doctors, and materials at competitive prices.

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Higher Quality

With our state-of-the-art technology, our specialized dental implant doctors offer the highest level of fully customizable implants, services, and materials available.

Patient Testimonials


Cathy: Missing Teeth Made Her Lose Her Smile

Cathy’s yellowing and missing teeth used to be a major drain on her self-esteem, both in the workplace and among friends. Although she was nervous going in for her All-On-4 procedure, EON Clinics in Chicago helped Cathy get her smile back as well as newfound confidence that has changed her life for the better.

“I had utter confidence that I would be cared for in the most medically advanced way possible.”


Robert: Wanted a Permanent Solution and Personalized Care

“I wanted something now, and that’s why I chose EON.”


Robert’s bridges and temporary solutions were causing him more dental problems than he bargained for. When it finally came to a choice between full dentures and dental implants, he decided to come to EON Clinics in Chicago for All-on-4 dental implants. After his procedure, Robert is happily enjoying all of his favorite foods without worry.


Debbie: Did Not Want to Hide Her Smile

Debbie lost the majority of her teeth due to health issues and medication. Faced with the decision between dentures and implants, she decided she didn’t want to spend her time fussing with a temporary replacement. She set an appointment with EON in Chicago, and now she feels like her authentic self again.

“When you smile with your mouth closed, your smile isn’t really you.”


Additional Resources

Consider this your guide to dental implants! We’ll cover topics like types of dental implants, how dental implants function, and the benefits

Read these articles to get a clear understanding of the dental implant procedure. You’ll also find info about recovery,

Are You Ready to Get Started?

There is no better time than now to start the dental implant journey and restore confidence in your beautiful, custom smile. Eat the foods you want and feel good about gatherings with family and friends again. Book your free consultation in Chicago today!