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EON Clinics joins the Munster Chamber of Commerce
Published 09/11/2017

EON dental Clinics has became a member of the Munster Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Joining a team of local businesses that works together with the collaborative goal to assist the community in entrepreneurship and growth.
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EON Clinics discusses financing and insurance
Published 06/05/2017

When considering dental implants, it's important to evaluate all aspects of the procedure. Where the complexity of treatment may cause the price to range, EON Clinics does partner with different financing options to make the investment affordable. EON Clinics is currently doing a five part series on Insurance, Financing, and dental implant expenses to answer some of the most asked questions regarding dental implants.
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EON Clinics discusses interesting dental implant facts!
Published - 04/20/2017

Do you know how interesting your teeth are? EON Clinics strongly believes that knowledge is power! Educating yourself about your teeth and dental history may give you a better understanding proper oral hygiene. Here are 15 interesting dental/dental implant facts.
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Five Essential Aticles You Should Read!
Published - 03/28/2017

If you've been contemplating getting dental implants, you're no stranger to research! Here are a few articles EON Clinics recommends for patients who are still seeking more information!
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Oral Surgeons discuss the best foods to eat after your dental implant surgery
Published - 03/16/2017

Concluding your dental implant surgery, it's important to eat the proper foods that assist with your healing process. Here are a list of foods you should eat concluding your implant surgery.
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Prosthodontists discover the benefits of dental implants
Published - 03/07/2017

Would you believe that having dental implants can greatly benefit your overall day-to-day life? Many patients with implants have stated that since their dental implant they've seen significant changes in their diet, self-esteem, and overall health.
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EON Clinics would like to introduce the EON Scholarship
Published - 02/21/2017

At EON Clinics, we recognize the importance of education to cultivate the next generation of students in dentistry.
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EON Clinics Providing Knowledge!
Published - 02/14/2017

Do you believe knowledge is power? EON Clinics takes the time to arm their patients with knowledge and ensure understanding before the implant procedure.
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Celebrate Valentines day the right way
Published - 02/07/2017

Its the season of love and EON Clinics would like to wish you and your loved one a very happy Valentines day with some helpful tips!
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Introducing EON's Prosthodontist of the month!
Published - 01/10/2017

EON Clinics would like to take a moment to acknowledge Dr. Baker as our Prosthodontist of the month.
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Check out Tina's experience with EON!
Published - 01/04/2017

"Wow you have a beautiful smile!" I can't count the times I have heard that in the last 3 Years. I never thought that I would feel and look like I do today, but thanks to you at EON CLINICS, I have an amazing life again."
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EON discusses teeth sensitivity
Published - 12/27/2016

Suffering with sensitive teeth can make living day to day hard. Many patients who suffer with teeth sensitivity describe eating as one of their most challenging task.
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Don't be ashamed! A word from EON's Prosthodontist
Published - 12/20/2016

Don't feel embarrassed by your smile, take steps to make it better! The All-on-4 dental implant treatment is a way for you to regain your confidence and fall in love with your smile again. Here are a few benefits of receiving the All-on-4 treatment.
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EON explains the benefits of Dental Implants
Published - 12/13/2016

Dental Implants, with care, can last a lifetime! Implants do not stress or cause any issue to existing teeth nor will they prohibit you from eating your favorite foods!
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EON Clinics introduces a few tips to maintain a healthy smile
Published - 12/06/2016

Don't hide your smile this holiday season, let it shine bright! Here are a few tips to ensure you have the dazzling smile in your family photos.
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EON Clinics celebrates the Doctor of the month
Published - 11/29/2016

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge as well as thank Dr. Dryer for his outstanding work and love for dentistry!
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Interested in becoming a Dental Assistant? EON knows the way!
Published - 11/22/2016

Talking with one of EON's top dental assistants, we find out what it takes to get a career on a successful path.
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EON Clinics wants to see you smile!
Published - 11/17/2016

If you are considering getting dental implants, you may be wondering what makes dental implants all the rave. A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is embedded into the gums through surgery.
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EON Clinics welcomes our new Prosthodontist
Published - 11/15/2016

After a grand reopening concluding renovations, EON Clinics celebrates new additions to their growing family. We are excited to introduce to you Dr. Dryer and Dr. Natalie Baker, both prosthodontists.
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