Dental Implants - Commonly asked questions
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Dental Implants – Commonly asked questions

Dental Implants - Commonly asked questions
Dental Implants - Commonly asked questions

At Eon Clinics we see many patients and have enjoyed providing life-changing services to our clientele for over 10 years now.  According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), around 3 million people in the United States have dental implants. Dental implants are also growing in popularity. The AAID state that the number of people receiving them is increasing by around 500,000 per year. To help our patients understand the answer to commonly asked questions, we have come up with some basic information for them:

Are implants safe for me?

Dental implants are made of titanium, which is inert bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic in nature.  While it is true that not everybody reacts the same to every external stimulus, we have not seen an adverse reaction in placing dental implants for our patients.  If you think you may be sensitive to metals, please discuss this with our professional at the time of your consultation.

Titanium is chosen because of its osseointegration properties, simply put – our bone “loves” titanium and will grow right into the surface area of the implant as it heals over time after surgical placement making a dental implant the ideal artificial root for our soon-to-be-placed tooth.

How much pain is involved with the procedure?

Most of our patients are truly surprised by how minimal discomfort there is during and after the procedure.  More than half of our treated patients tell us the used over-the-counter remedies during the first few days post placement.  This is because once the roots of compromised teeth are removed; there is no nerve to transmit pain sensations.  Our bone does not have nerve receptors in it so no pain comes from there, usually discomfort is only felt in the soft tissue (our gums) and its usually simply from the sutures that have been placed.

How long will it take for my implants to heal?

While healing is predictable, it can vary from patient to patient.  Generally, we know that full integration will usually take about 4 to 6 months, but in some cases longer healing times may be required.  Most delayed healing comes from one of a few sources, such as medications, dietary issues or general health issues.  Smoking and the use of nicotine based products can cause healing times to be extended.

Who should have dental implants?

According to the AAID, dental implants are a good solution for people who are replacing teeth damaged by severe decay or trauma. However, not every person is a good candidate for dental implants.

Dental implants are not suitable for everyone. To receive dental implants, a person must have good overall health. They must also have healthy gums and a healthy jawbone, as these structures will be supporting the dental implant throughout the person’s lifetime. Dental implants are not suitable for children, as their facial bones are still growing. Dental implants have a success rate over 95%. However, they may have a reduced success rate among people who: smoke, have diabetes, have gum disease, have had radiation therapy to the jaw area, take certain medications.  While any of these things does not preclude you from seeking dental implants, they are considerations that we will evaluate with you.

A large part of your initial consultation is to determine if you are a suitable candidate.  At Eon Clinics your health is the most important thing to us and we do not take chances!  Give us a call at 800-250-3500 to answer any additional questions you may have or to schedule your initial consultations with no cost, no risk, and no pressure to you or find us on the web at