Frequently Asked Questions - Recovery

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How long will I need to be off work?

Depending on the extent of the procedure and what you do for work, anywhere from a matter of hours to 4 days.

Is there likely to be any facial bruising?

There can be some bruising, particularly if many teeth are removed and numerous implants placed. Women and light skinned individuals may bruise more.

When can I resume fluid intake, soft food, and normal food?

Clear liquids can be started immediately. Patient’s diet will be determined based on the extent of the surgery and recovery protocol.

Are there restrictions for activities? Driving?

With sedation there should be NO driving until the following day. Depending on the extent of surgery, and in the most severe cases, curb strenuous activities for 7 days.

How soon do I need to return to office for post-surgical follow-up?

Within one week, depending on the case. Your implant coordinator will determine your recall visits and our post-operative staff will keep you informed of your appointments.

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