Prosthodontist Dr. Chou, DMD

Samantha Chou, DMD

Board-Eligible Prosthodontist

Education: University of Illinois College of Dental Medicine Prosthodontics


Samantha Chou, DMD, is an expert on a variety of dental and surgical treatments for complicated oral conditions. Her specialization is in oral and maxillofacial prosthodontics. She uses current techniques and industry breakthroughs for oral and maxillofacial rehabilitation. Dr. Chou is able to perform oral surgery, dental implant placement and prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, and full mouth reconstruction.

Her clinical training and academic research focuses on advances in the following areas: bone grafting, sinus/ridge augmentations, and implant placements, incorporating various CAD-CAM technologies. Her research has been presented at national meetings of the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics.  She is also a faculty member at the University of Chicago and a spokesperson for the American College of Prosthodontist.  

Currently, Dr. Chou uses comprehensive and elaborate treatment techniques, along with strategies supported by research evidence. This is done to address patients esthetic concerns, while improving their overall oral health. Dr. Chou’s career goals include helping patients gain a new sense of confidence and the peace of mind that a beautiful smile can give.


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