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Dental Implants: Cost-Savings in the Long Term

Dental implants present a fantastic solution to damaged or missing teeth. But many potential patients may be intimidated by the cost and opt to ignore the problem. The reality is that dental implants are not only the best solution for damaged or missing teeth, they are also the most cost-effective in the long term.

We don’t recommend basing all your health decisions on what is the most affordable, but we understand that you have to keep your finances in mind. Luckily, getting dental implants is an easy decision because the treatment lasts the longest and it is the most cost-effective. Here’s why taking on the dental implant cost in Chicago is your best bet in the long run.

Crowns or Bridges

It is undeniable that dental implants are more expensive upfront than a crown or bridge as a solution to a missing tooth. But what you must remember when comparing the prices of dental crowns and prices of dental bridges with implant procedures is that crowns and bridges are not permanent. In fact, regardless of how well you care for them, bridges and crowns will need to be replaced between five and 15 years on average.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are a lifetime solution. With proper maintenance and care, dental implants can last your entire lifetime. That means dental implants are a just a one-time investment.

Oral Hygiene Costs

If you think just ignoring missing or damaged teeth will save you money, you may be in for a big surprise. When you’re missing teeth, the adjacent teeth may shift significantly which creates gaps where plaque can grow but can’t be easily removed. The cavities that result will cost money to treat and, if left untreated, could lead to even more costly root canals.

The lack of a tooth could also lead to an unstimulated jaw bone which can cause a significant amount of bone loss in your jaw. Left untreated for long enough, this bone loss will end up making your procedure more difficult and lead to higher costs.

Start Saving Money Today

Don’t look for a quick-fix alternative when there is a tried and true solution that will last a lifetime. The dental implant cost in Chicago will be more cost-effective in the long run. To make sure your dental implant cost in Chicago is as low as possible, call the professionals at EON Clinics. We offer a free consultation and financing for your dental implants. Call today at 800-250-3500.