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Suffering with sensitive teeth can make day-to-day living hard. Many patients who suffer with teeth sensitivity describe eating as one of their most challenging  tasks. Some reasons for sensitive teeth are tooth decay, worn enamel, teeth grinding, and exposed tooth root (typically due to gum loss).

If you’ve ever drank an iced coffee and felt pain or discomfort/pressure  in your mouth, you may suffer from sensitive teeth. Patients who have a sensitivity find it difficult to drink liquids that are hot or cold, drink and/or eat acidic beverages and foods, or eat hard foods.  While you will need to visit your primary dentist, it is advised that you avoid certain foods and drinks that may cause pain such as the following: coffee, tea, ice cream, smoothies, lemons, lemonade, soda, vinegar, hard candy, ice, and caramel, to name a few.

It is imperative that patients who suffer with sensitive teeth visit their primary dentist for diagnosis and treatment. A few day-to-day tasks that can help your teeth sensitivity is brushing at night before going to sleep and once during the day, brushing with softer brushes, avoiding brushing side-to-side, drinking water after eating acidic foods, and brushing after consuming sweet foods.

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