What is a Gummy Smile and How to Fix it?

A genuine and bright smile is something everyone wishes to have as it simply enhances one’s personality and confidence in life. Sometimes, one might face expressing a smile due to a dental condition called a gummy smile. In this, your smile reveals gums more than one would like actually. In dentistry, this is referred to […]

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Your oral health plays a big factor in your confidence, so you want to be able to smile without hesitation or embarrassment. If you have a cracked, damaged or missing tooth, you might find that you are going through life’s happy moments hiding behind your hands. As some of the best implant dentist in Chicago, […]

Advantages of Family Dental Care

A family dentist provides professional, up-to-date dental care for the whole family. Family dental clinics offer treatment that is multi-generational, from toddlers to seniors. This form of dental care helps ensure lifelong dental health by providing a full range of affordable dental care options. From routine procedures and treatments to cosmetic dentistry, family dental care […]

Dental Diseases That Can Dim Your Smile

Believe it or not there are a lot of things besides neglect that can dim your bright smile. From gingivitis to extreme dental phobias, many varying diseases have caused individuals  to cover their mouths in shame. Here are a few diseases we’ve found some of our patients suffer with that caused them to seek dental […]

Nutrition and Oral Health

Nutrition and oral health are related more than anyone could imagine. This is why dentists advise Americans to include certain food in diet to prevent oral problems. In today’s article, we outline the impact of good nutrition on dental hygiene. Why Nutrition is Important for Americans’ Dental Health? Millions of Americans are affected by oral […]