How Your Teeth Change with Age

Do you know how your teeth change with age? Given all the wear and tear that our teeth go through during the average lifetime, they are surprisingly resilient. Still, the daily normal use and wear will begin to take a toll. Here’s what happens to teeth as people age: Acid Erosion Concerns By far the […]

How to Choose & Use the Best Toothbrush ?

How to Choose & Use the Best Toothbrush? We are here to help you. Good oral care is an important factor to our overall well-being.  We all know the importance of brushing your teeth but taking care of your toothbrush is equally as important! History of Toothbrushes: Prior to the toothbrush, there have been records of […]

Advantages of Family Dental Care – EON Clinics

A family dentist provides professional, up-to-date dental care for the whole family. Family dental clinics offer treatment that is multi-generational, from toddlers to seniors. This form of dental care helps ensure lifelong dental health by providing a full range of affordable dental care options. From routine procedures and treatments to cosmetic dentistry, family dental care […]