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The Cost of Dental Implants

EON CLINICS understands every patient is unique, that is why every treatment plan is a custom fit for you. 

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Before you jump straight into pricing…

At Eon Clinics, we feel that ACCURATE INFORMATION is critical for anyone thinking about dental implants.

We urge you to READ ALL ASPECTS, so you understand the complete process.

UPFRONT, HONEST & UNBIASED information will help YOU make the right decision!

Pricing for dental implant procedures is only a single data point to consider when making a decision about what type of treatment to get and from where. You’ll find out why below.

DO NOT skip sections on this page or you run the risk of choosing something you may regret.

PLUS, the ONLY way for you to know if you’re a candidate for the procedure and what the financial situation will look like for YOU PERSONALLY, is by attending our FREE No-Obligation, in-person consultation. You will find general information in this guide, not situation specific.

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Now, On to the information!

First, let’s go over the different types of dental implant treatments, then let’s go over insurance and payment plans, then we’ll bring in the factors that affect pricing, and finally put them all together with estimated total amounts.

In this guide, you’ll see and hear from actual Eon Clinics patients and hear their stories and perspectives.

This dental implant costs guide is meant to answer your questions regarding dental restoration through dental implants.

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In our own competitive research, we find there are large variances between things like provided treatments, pricing structures, included and ‘conveniently-left-out’ fees from provider to provide.

Without this information it’s not possible to move forward, and that’s why Eon Clinics provides an all-inclusive price and comprehensive timeline at your free, no-obligation consultation.

Our hope is by being transparent with national averages, how insurance affects treatment, and what criteria you may need to qualify for an affordable monthly payment plan, you’ll be equipped to choose us as your dental implant provider.

Today it seems many people are falling for “Permanent teeth in an unrealistically short time” – usually advertised as 1 to 7 days from unscrupulous providers. Let’s face it, You can get almost anything faster than ever, but FAST is not always the BEST way to have a surgical procedure.

If you’re unsure what that means exactly it’s ok, we’ll explain more below.


Whether you’re missing 1 tooth, many teeth, or need a brand new set of adult teeth you are in the right place.

One thing you’re going to learn in this guide is that dental costs in general simply aren’t cheap.

In fact, putting 2 and 2 together with this study from spear education you’ll learn that the average human that lives to be 85 will on average spend over $95,000 on dental costs throughout their lifetime!

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There are two ways to look at dental costs. One will make you ANGRY and the other can GIVE YOU A NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE, maybe a new career, renewed social life, new adventures, and better relationships.

ANGER: The first view is that dental costs are a prohibitive, I don’t have the money, can’t figure out how to get it or I can’t afford it. Now, I’m mad that only the “rich” can afford this – the truth is that Dental Implants are for regular everyday people like you and me. They are not for the wealthy – as a matter of fact, most of our patients work regular jobs and we’ve helped educators, iron workers and uber drivers alike!

NEW OUTLOOK: The second view is that dental costs are an investment in yourself. With better teeth comes a better diet, better physical health, more confidence, and renewed social interactions – overall a better life!

At Eon Clinics, we see people who can’t eat, are in constant pain, and constant worry and even embarrassment every single day of their lives because of their dental situation.

Fixing that shouldn’t make you ANGRY when you think about it the right way.

That’s a great testimonial, right?

Look at Stephanie’s beaming smile now, She had failing teeth and avoided photos all the time, now she is living life without limitations and is front and center in every family picture!

Take a look at this Before & After picture…

We’ll be showing you a few more stories of patients like this a bit later but now you’ve seen what dental implants can help do for a person let’s get into some details!

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Different types of Dental Implant Treatment

By the way, Eon Clinics is happy to restore single and multiple teeth. We’re not one of these practitioners that ONLY perform Full Arch Dental Implants which means we can help you with one to several individual teeth as well as full arch restoration.

Single Tooth Implants:

Of course, single tooth implants are only necessary to replace one tooth! Usually this happens from damage to a single tooth, like a failed root canal or a crack in the tooth that extends below the gum line.

Dental Implant Bridges:

Are similar to single tooth replacement where you’re missing 3 or more teeth. Your Eon Clinics team can replace several teeth on a lesser number of implants without compromising adjacent natural dentition.

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NOW we are getting into FULL-ARCH solutions. Remember, “arch” is the entire upper or lower set of teeth.

Regular & Snap-in Dentures:

Dentures are the quintessential ‘false teeth’ that everyone dreads. Fact is most people who have dentures struggle with them continuously and dislike immensely! Snap-In dentures are not much better, well – because they are still dentures. Snap-In dentures are more expensive as well as they require more maintenance – adding cost.

All-On-4 Dental Implants:

The ideal solution that is permanent and can last you the rest of your life, looks and feels like your real teeth, because they are your real teeth! Eat what you want and live your life to the fullest. Your full arch of teeth are permanently placed on 4 to 6 implants and from the day of your surgery, you are never without teeth again!

Jamie needed an entirely new set of teeth on her upper and lower jaw which is called Full Mouth Dental Implants, Full Mouth Reconstruction Or All On 4 Dental Implants.

This was the BEST Solution for Jamie, and she is thrilled.

Now let’s give it to you straight

It’s estimated that over 41 MILLION PEOPLE ARE IN DENTURES. That means those individuals have no teeth in either their upper or lower jaw. That’s a lot of people…

So, if you’re one of those people or think you will be soon and you’re reading this, you are not alone.

If you’ve read this far, it’s likely that you are in need of a solution for all your teeth.

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Teeth anchored to dental implants and are permanently fixed in give you the most natural look and function that exists today aside from your natural teeth.

So, if you want teeth that you don’t want to EVER take out and that restores full functionality, you’ll want a full permanent fixed set of teeth.

The only people who can take these out are the professionals that put them in. Now that’s more like it right?

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The traditional all of 4 method or “teeth in a day” methods can take up to 8 months to get a permanent fixed set of teeth and it’s been that way for over 20 years and for a great reason!

Now, you might be thinking…

“But has dentistry changed and I see providers telling me I can have my final teeth in a very short time?”

Amazon came out with two day shipping on just about everything, so doesn’t that apply to restorative dentistry as well?

What is the difference between ‘teeth in a day’ and ‘permanent teeth in 24 hours’ because they sound very similar?”

“Teeth In A Day,” usually involves a custom-made healing set of teeth, that are attached to your implants the same day as your dental implant surgery – you never go without teeth at Eon Clinics. After healing approximately 4 months in this set of teeth, we begin the process of moving you into your permanent fixed set of teeth, of which is usually completed within a couple months.

It’s a slightly longer process to get your permanent teeth than some other providers would have you believe.

Now, Contrast:

Some providers claim to take that 8 month period and condense it into one day to one week!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

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WHILE THIS CAN HAPPEN, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT SHOULD HAPPEN. Technically, Eon Clinics COULD make your final teeth right away as well, but we feel that to achieve perfection, you need to heal completely.

Think about it, you just had surgery, swelling happens, tissue (especially gums) need to heal and swelling needs to get back to your pre-surgical levels.

The truth is that when a practitioner gives you your final teeth in a very short time, they most often don’t fit well a year later.

Gaps between your gums and prosthesis often exist because of this, making speech more difficult and allowing food to get stuck between your gums and prosthetic teeth.

Also, we see 7 out of 10 patients request changes from their ‘healing’ set to their ‘final’ teeth. Brighter, darker, larger, smaller. Because we make the finals after you heal, we can make the subtle changes you ask for.

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Trust us, Eon Clinics will work as fast as we can, but ultimately you determine – by how fast you heal, when it is right to move forward with your final set of teeth. Eon Clinics puts you first, not just on the day of surgery, but always!

To see more about how we do that and the difference between the two methods, go read the Eon Clinics Guide to Dental Implants.

Time to start discussing costs of this type of procedure. Let’s get into that now by bringing in a couple more patient perspectives on the topic…

Karen did a lot of research and she was dead-set on not ending her journey with dentures. She knew that Eon Clinics was the place for her after she researched all her options. We answered all her questions, helped her feel comfortable and gave her a great experience from start to finish. Eon’s kindness and caring made her understand that this was where she wanted to be for her dental restoration.

Imagine living 10 years without the ability to feel confident, smile, interact with family and friends.

Maybe you already have?

It’s no wonder why so many patients say “they just wish they would have done it sooner…”

It’s a mindset that allowed these patients to move forward with their treatment and change their lives.

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IT’S A FACT: Maintaining your health over the course of your lifetime costs, teeth are a large part of that. The difference with dental implants is that you can get funding up front and pay monthly. The benefit is that you don’t have to deal with lingering problems of regular dentistry.

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Factors that effect pricing

The below list is not comprehensive but should give you an idea of what factors can affect costs and some questions you can ask.

The DOCTOR You Choose:

Did you know that any dentist could take a continuing education weekend course on how to place dental implants and begin doing so immediately after?

This should be concerning when you think about!

That even goes for a full mouth dental implant reconstruction. There is so much that goes into making this go smoothly and get it done right, it might be worth it going to someone who’s been doing it for while even if it costs a bit more wouldn’t it?

To know whether or not your provider has an experience level you’re comfortable with, you could ask them a few questions such as…

How many full mouth restorations have they done, or do they usually do each year?
How many implants has the doctor placed?
Do they place them on a regular basis?
Do they rely on an outside lab to fabricate your teeth?
What tools do they use to treatment plan for you (do they have a CT scanner)?

Rest assured that at Eon Clinics our surgeons and restorative doctors perform these procedures day in and day out. Eon Clinics ONLY provides implant-based restorations, and we use the latest technology in planning and treatment of our patients.

Case Complexity:

If you have severe bone loss or low sinus cavities, you may require special surgical procedures that add on to the total cost of treatment.

General Anesthesia:

We get asked several times per day, “will I be asleep for the procedure?” And the answer to that for Eon Clinics is yes! Plus, we included sedation in our fees. You get one upfront cost, not curveballs later down the road.

Some providers may advertise lower costs but it doesn’t include the anesthesia or other fees and you find out later you’re going to have to pay that too. Not Eon Clinics, you know right up front!

Look at this chart we found on Care Credit’s website going over the costs of several different types of dental procedures.

Implant Cost
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One thing to point out is that the human mouth has 32 teeth…

And really the average costs of just a root canal and crown combined is about $2,500. So if just 10 of your teeth needed that kind of work done it would obviously be $25,000. Then you might ask, “what do I do when my root canals and regular dental work fail?” After all, root canals and crown have a relatively short service life.

This is where dental implants come in.

We’ve gone over the cost of single implants and luckily if you need a full set of dental implants you don’t have to pay for a single tooth implant for every tooth! That would cost more than $150,000!

Instead, thanks to current science we can attach a full set of teeth to four or more dental implants.

Many people confuse this full mouth procedure with just regular old dentistry though so you may think it’s going to be less expensive or that insurance will cover the large majority of it, but unfortunately that is not the case.

This is a surgery – and surgery is expensive.

Let’s take for example getting a new knee. According to it can cost up to $70,000 to get a new knee.

With dental implant surgery you get an entire new set of teeth that can last you for the rest of your life. The national average according to what we’ve seen is around $25,000 for each arch.

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Insurance & Payment Plans

One of the most asked questions about Dental Implants is “Will my Dental Insurance cover this procedure or how am I going to pay for it?” Truth is, most people pay with several different means such as dental insurance, savings and credit.

Health Insurance Does Not Help with this Surgery:

Unfortunately, Dental Implants are still considered cosmetics surgery even though we all know the mouth is the gateway to the body.

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So how do most patients pay to get this done? Thousands upon thousands of people every single month get this procedure done and here’s how most of them do it.

Healthcare Financing for Full Mouth Dental Implants:

Because health insurance doesn’t help, and dental insurance will likely only help with $1,000 – $2,000, let’s go into how over 9 out of every 10 of our patients pay with affordable monthly payment plans.

We work with only the best Healthcare financing companies to try to get you the best monthly payment possible.

In order to use healthcare financing, here are a few important things to know:

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You need a Decent Credit Score (640+) or know someone who does have that and be willing to help you.
Monthly payments for a single arch at around $250-$450/month.
Approximately $450 – $900/mo for upper and lower arches.

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We’ve provided a lot of information here, But you don’t know everything… Yet…

There are two VERY important and specific pieces of information you do not have.

The NUMBER ONE thing you need to know is if you are an actual candidate for dental implants!

Every day we see patients come in who have lost too much bone to get dental implants. Sometimes we procrastinate. We may have researched and for whatever reason decided to wait. We hear it continually, spending money on ‘myself’ is hard when you have others to think about.

Remember: As soon as a tooth is pulled out, the bone starts to shrink in that area. If you lose too much of the bone you will no longer be a candidate for dental implants.

Right now, this is the most important question to answer. Pricing, technology, methodology – nothing else matters if you’re not a candidate.

So it’s time to spring into action.

SECONDLY, What is the actual Cost for YOUR SITUATION!

The first step is to see if you’re a candidate and if there is anything else that might affect the cost for you.

What if I’m not a candidate, what can I do, can I do only one arch, do I need bone grafting or zygomatic implants?

You have to find out this information and sooner IS BETTER!


You get to know what your exact treatment will be and what your specific payment plan would look like.

Right now, you only have a range of what it might cost but in order to truly decide you need to get all the specific details that are unique to you!

You do that by calling this number now: (800) 250-3500