EON Clinics uses State-Of-The-Art Technology

This saves you time, money, and creates a higher quality, more customized dental implant solution.

Your Smile. Your Choice

EON Clinics Exclusive Digital Technology You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

We use a completely digital scanning system, a full-mouth 3D camera, and precision crafting tools to create fast, detailed, and beautiful implants for you in half the time.

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Save Time and Money

– Premium materials at a lower price
– Nearly half the appointments of our competitors
– Same-day repairs and less time in office

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Completely Digital Process

– Precise, accurate scanning of your mouth
– Your records are kept forever
– Quickly make adjustments to aesthetics and fit

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Comfortable, Painless Experience

– Better recovery
– No molds, goop, or residue
– Implant placement is simple and painless, with no discomfort

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Fully Custom Smile

– 3D printed and infinitely customizable temporaries
– Permanent custom smile in 1-3 months*
– Pick the size, shape, color, and fit of both

*Varies based on Healing time.

EON Clinics uses State-Of-The-Art Technology

Don't be Fooled...

"Same Day" Implants Promotions Can be Deceiving

It can be tempting to fall for the idea of “same-day” technology. Read more about these same-day implants and how other clinics may deceive you. Same-day permanent implants are just a way to get your business.

Quality and Longevity are often sacrificed for speed and lower cost.

State Of The Art Technology

From start to finish, the full-mouth dental implant process takes about 1-3 months (varying by patient) with healing and placement. You’ll leave the day of your surgery with fully customized, 3D-printed temporary teeth. The implants then have to fuse to the jawbone, and inflammation must heal. EON Clinics offers a 5-year quality pledge.

CT Scanner - ICAT CBCT Scanner

  • This accurately scans both your hard and soft tissue to plan your procedure down to the last detail.
  • Allows our oral surgeons to build up a complete picture of the patient’s bones, teeth, and soft tissue for a holistic overview of the patient’s mouth.

Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral scanners capture direct optical impressions.

  • Accurate dental measurements in compact and highly secure digital information files.
  • No more traditional impressions with thick impression material that is uncomfortable and often times causes gagging.
  • Allows for a quick scan of the patients mouth and provides even greater accuracy for their final restoration.

I Metric I Cam 4D

The iCam4D captures 3D data to determine the position and orientation of implants.

  • No stress, no molds, no impressions of your teeth.
  • Eliminates the amount of fittings needed since it is an exact image of your mouth.
  • Quality of the fit means comfort–you’ll hardly notice your implants are there.
  • Leave with custom temporary teeth the same day of surgery

Envision One 3D printer

The Envision One delivers exceptional speed, print resolution and surface finish.

  • Eon clinicians deliver a custom temporary prothesis same-day in office.
  • Our highly skilled prosthodontists can control the entire workflow on your day of surgery.
  • Fully customized to the patient and allows for less appointments and chair time.

In-House Milling

Automated milling of your final prosthesis. Custom tinting ensures a lifelike appearance and durability.

  • In-house milling allows EON to control the surgery and prosthetic process.
  • Ensures top-quality, reproducible results for perfect implants.
  • Easily customized for size, shape, color, and comfort.
  • Quicker turnaround time for the final prosthesis.
  • No need to use a third-party lab like other providers do.
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