The Spring Smiles Event at EON ClinicsSpring gives us so many reasons to smile. Here's one more.

Save up to $4,000

on your dental implants treatment this month!

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Celebrate Spring smiles with us and save up to $4,000 on your dental implants procedure

During the month of March only, we’re offering patients huge savings on life changing All-On-4 procedures. It’s the perfect time to make your new smile into a reality. Commit to treatment this March to save.

When the mask comes off, you will be ready

The nation is preparing for re-opening. It’s the perfect time to start fresh and leave your dental issues in the past. EON Clinics can provide you with the brand new smile you’ve been dreaming of, just in time to take off the mask and smile again.

Spring Smiles Event treatment discounts

Procedure Type

Single Jaw (Upper or Lower) All-On-4

$2,000 off

Procedure Type

Full Mouth All-On-4

$4,000 off

The Spring Smiles Event discounts are applied only for patients committing to to qualifying All-On-4 Procedures before March 31, 2021. Schedule your free consultation as soon as possible and commit to treatment this month to receive

This offer cannot be used with any other offers or discounts. Promotional price is only valid on All-On-4 procedures. Patients must commit to treatment on or before 03/31/2021 to receive promotional prices.

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Wherever you are in your dental implants journey,
We’re here for you every step of the way.

  • How much do dental implants cost?
    Dental implant costs vary depending on the condition of your mouth and the type of work that needs to be done. That being said, here is the average cost of dental implants at an all-in-one center:
    • Single tooth implant cost: $4,000 - $5,000, depending on your specific needs
    • One jaw: upper or lower cost: $22,000 - $25,000, depending on your specific needs
    • Full-mouth replacement cost: $44,000-50,000, depending on your specific needs
    It is certainly an investment, but you’ll reap the benefits every single day. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime. EON Clinics also offers affordable payment plans with zero to low interest for those who qualify.
  • Will my insurance cover dental implants?
    Certain dental insurance plans do reimburse portions of the dental implant procedure, but unfortunately, it is rare to receive significant coverage. Most insurance providers consider dental implants a “cosmetic procedure.” However, we will provide you with information so you can maximize your insurance for reimbursement. Coverage amounts depend on the insurance provider, plan coverage details, and plan annual limit. Private dental insurance plans may cover certain aspects of your procedure such as anesthesia, tooth removal, and bone grafting. There are a few cases where medical insurance is available for people who are missing all of their teeth, and as a result, have medical complications. Typically, medical insurance will cover dental implant and tooth replacement procedures related to the following types of conditions:
    • Trauma, say you lose your front teeth after a car accident
    • Loss of teeth due to a medical condition
    • If teeth are lost in the course of tumor treatment
    • A congenitally missing tooth
    This type of coverage depends solely on the individual policy. Other than these situations, medical coverage is very rare.
  • What are the benefits of an all-in-one clinic?
    From start to finish, your dental implant procedure will be handled by one team of staff in one location. Many general dentists and clinics that offer dental implants do not have a lab onsite; this means they must rely on an outside prosthodontist and technicians. By offering everything in-house, EON Clinics is able to deliver your new smile faster, while maintaining the highest level of service and quality. At our clinic, you’ll find the oral surgeons who place the dental implants, prosthodontists who specialize in tooth replacement, the dental implant laboratory, and 3-D CT scanner all in one place.
  • Is it safe to come into a clinic for a visit?
    While your choice to come in is ultimately up to you, I can assure you that we take hygiene precautions very seriously. EON Clinics uses universal precautions to avoid transmission of infectious disease. Our infection protocol is OSHA compliant as we deal with protection from diseases every day, making our offices some of the safer places to visit. In fact, we’ve had over 18,000 surgeries and zero infectious cases.