single-implant-diagram2While there are several options for restoring a single tooth, a dental implant is the only replacement for your missing or damaged tooth that does not compromise the health of your adjacent teeth.

A single implant is a great solution for replacing a cracked or missing tooth. It may also replace a tooth that is in a state of decay or has come loose due to an oral infection.

This prosthesis looks and feels completely natural. A crown is fitted on an implant and abutment. It can be colored to look exactly like your existing teeth and will not come lose - It functions just like your other teeth.

How It Differs From Other Options

A traditional bridge rests on adjacent teeth that have been ground down to support it. The teeth used to support the bridge may deteriorate or become infected over time. It is also possible an infection may form under the bridge. A single tooth implant does not affect the neighboring teeth, leaving you with little risk of future dental complications.

A removable prosthesis such as an Essix or “flipper” actually puts pressure on your other teeth. This can cause them to come loose over time. Most patients with partial dentures complain of discomfort and admit to rarely wearing them. Additionally, it's often difficult to eat with these prosthetics in place. Some dentists even recommend taking them out during meals.

Another benefit dental implants offer that sets them apart from other solutions is the way they bond with your jawbone. Implants are made from titanium, which adheres to bone over time. Titanium is also a popular choice for hip replacements and other bone-and-joint prosthetics. In your jaw, implants serve a similar function to the roots of teeth. They anchor the jawbone and protect against bone resorption or the thinning of your jaw over time.

Thinking About an Implant Supported Crown?

  • It looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth.
  • It does not decay.
  • There is no need to grind down your adjacent natural teeth.
  • Your jawbone is preserved.
  • It is easier to clean and usually more hygienic than a tooth supported bridge.
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