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What Is Zoom Tooth Whitening?

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Are you worried about teeth discoloration? Well, you are amongst the millions of Americans struggling with the same. Essentially, tooth discoloration would result from drinking copious amounts of coffee, tea, soda, or red wine. Even consuming tobacco or smoking could lead to such an adverse condition. So, if you are feeling anxious about the darkened teeth, it’s time to read about zoom teeth whitening benefits. Naturally, you would feel asking what is zoom teeth whitening treatment and does zoom teeth whitening work. In the article, what is zoom teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening cost answers would be forthcoming. 

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is popular as the procedure is very brief and highly effective against discolored teeth.  The in-office tooth whitening procedure uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. The lamp will accelerate the bleaching process. This is done to activate the 25 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening for cleaning the stained teeth. Hydrogen peroxide will get broken leading to the entry of oxygen into the enamel and dentin. This will bleach the teeth of stained substances while the tooth structure remains unaffected by the process. This answers the question of whether zoom teeth whitening works. 

Zoom Teeth Whitening Benefits

Immediate Results

Unlike other teeth whitening procedures, Zoom gives swift and excellent results within 1 hour. It’s easy to adjust to your schedule as the whole procedure takes just one trip to the dentist near you. 

Best Teeth Whitening Procedure

One of the biggest zoom teeth whitening benefits is that it can whiten teeth up to eight shades in a single-hour session at a dental clinic near you.

Safe and Painless Procedure

Tooth whitening is one of the safest cosmetic dentistry procedures you can undergo in your life. The Zoom! system is not effective but quite safe for your teeth, gums, and soft tissues. Usually, patients experience no discomfort post the procedure. On the other hand, some might experience a minor tingling sensation that disappears soon after the procedure completion. 

So, to learn more about the Zoom teeth whitening benefits, please schedule an appointment here.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost

The average Zoom teeth whitening cost is $500. The costs would include the additional take-home trays for enhancing the teeth whitening results. Usually, cosmetic dentistry treatments are not included in dental insurance. Therefore, don’t expect any insurance cover for your zoom teeth whitening cost. 

Can I do a Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment on the Cavities and Crowns?

First thing first, Zoom treatment doesn’t work for foreign material. Essentially, the procedure is suitable for whitening the tooth enamel. Importantly, the dentist recommends whitening the teeth before filling the cavity so that dental work matches the new shade of the teeth. This point is the same for the dental crown as it must be matching the color of the newly whitened teeth. If you are palling for any dental procedure like a dental crown or cavity filling, talk to your dentist about the Zoom whitening procedure. There are many zoom teeth whitening benefits but your dentist will make the final decision.